Energy Tracking -Learn to Locate and Interpret the Energy in all Situations

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Two sessions – 60-75 minutes each Online in the Evolution Center 2 Day – Premium
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Transition Teams 2- A View of Birth and Death from the Other Side of the Veil

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Transition Teams 2 Introduction Video OverLight Facilitators receive $25 discount (please enter “Family25“ discount code
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Online University- 50% discount

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Can’t attend all the live online events every month? No problem. After 30 days most
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Creative Witnessing- Learning to see Life as a Creator Being

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I can tell you now that this will be a no nonsense approach to living in the age of empowerment. In this
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Creative Witnessing – Learning to see Life as a Creator-Being

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Feeling Stuck? The Conscious Creator Series presents 3 events with the Keeper of Time, Elrah
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E- Family Awakening Activation

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The “E”family is gathering again! Why does the group use the name “keeper” so much?
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Resonance Day Jan 14th

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Beginning on the 01-01-01 each year through the 12-12-12 we humans built a wave of
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Balancing Sexual Energy – Resurgence of the Feminine Energy and How it will Affect Everyone. Hosted by “eM”

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Spiritual teachers have been prophesying for many years about the return of the feminine. They
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Download the free book

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Please accept your free gift of Pretending to be a Human from Steve Rother. Register
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Welcome to Paths 2

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Commentary from Steve about Turkey 2014 03_28

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A commentary from Steve about the events taking place in Turkey from the perspective of
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Commentary about Russia and the Ukraine 2014_03_28

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A Commentary from Steve Rother about global events from the perspective of the group.

COMMENTARY: Crimea and World Events

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A Commentary from Steve Rother on recent global events in Crimea and more, from the
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Internet Copyright Bullies

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This is a commentary on the strange conditions that exist at YouTube concerning copyright issues
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EnergyTracking Learn to Locate and Interpret the Energy in all Situations PROMO

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The group has asked for a two day slot to work with a select group
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Transition Teams 2 Day 1 Free Day (HD Upload)

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This is the first day of a 5 day seminar. Here the group takes us
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Transition Teams 2 Day 1 Live

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Transsition Teams 2 Day 1 For the first time the group will go into detail
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Virtual Light #6 ~ Beacons of Light ~ Apr 2014

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Have a great monthBig hugsSteve Beacons of Light April 2014