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Current and Upcoming Events

May 8, 12, 13 & 19

Mental Focus & Memory

This is an OverLight Training Course designed to deal with several different aspects of mind and memory.

Join us as we work our way through the mind and discover some of the best ways to work with your cognitive mind.

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April 3 & 7

Symptoms of Lightbody
The Next Biology

This is a channeled course designed to lead you to next ways of higher biology in your current self.

Join us as we lead you through a journey of the latest channeled information on The Next Biology

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March 26 & 31

Two Intimate Evenings with the Group

Many of you have asked for an opportunity to have your questions answered in depth from the group.

You wanted more time focused on the areas you personally are finding challenging and this is our answer.

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April 17, 22, 29 & 30

Quantum Leap- Learning to Quantum Leap into Mastery of Anything

Are you ready to bring about radical change in your life? To consciously create big transformation with much more ease?

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Predictions for April 2015

Predictions, Comments & Questions for April 2015

Welcome to our monthly Predictions, Comments & Questions by Steve & Barbara Rother along with Your Questions.
This is a 60 minute course of question and answers

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5 Day Premium Event

Earth Changes 2015

This is new material. It will allow us to go deeper into the many areas of changes.
In this seminar we will review the important changes that have unfolded since last July.

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1 Day Event

Product Description

We are currently facing challenges on Earth right now.

Why? Because of a huge adjustment that will require a unity that we all had originally hoped for.
There is a breath of fresh air sweeping planet Earth right now.

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  • Online Event

5 Day Event

Product Description

In this seminar series they are not going to hold anything back. They say that this crucial information could be interpreted as fearful, but always they remind us that knowledge is power and with the knowledge of the information we each can not only prepare ourselves but position ourselves to be of the highest service to effect positive change.

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  • Online Event

3 Day Online Event

Guided Meditation & Activation Included

Product Description

  • the potential of another ice age settling in over large sections of the earth
  • global warming and how it could affect our environment
  • weather patterns, what to expect and where
  • technology advancements

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What to expect from these Events

  • Online Channeling

  • Guided Video Meditations

  • Live & Online Events

  • Real Time Video Player

  • Watch the Videos in your own time

  • Powerful Channeled Messages

  • All Events come with Video Players

  • Downloads available on certain Events

  • Channeled Information

  • Tools for Human Empowerment

  • LightMasters Year Long Course

  • Online Evolution Center

  • OverLight Courses

  • VirtualLight Broadcast

  • Beacons of Light Article

More Events, Workshops & Classes

Mental Focus & Memory Seminar

Mental Focus & Memory
Lightbody 1 OverLight Training
May 8, 12, 13 & 19
Details Coming Soon

Symptoms of Lightbody - The Next Biology

Symptoms of Lightbody
The Next Biology April 3 & 7
Details Coming Soon

Quantum Leap

Quantum Leap April 17, 22, 29 & 30
Register Here $199
2 Month Payment Plan Here

Two Intimate Evenings with the Group

Two Intimate Evenings with the Group
March 26 & 31
Register Here $90

Lead with your Heart

Lead with Your Heart
FREE Event
Register Here

Earth Changes 2015

Earth Changes 2015
Register Here $199
2 Month Payment Play

Interdimensional Healing for Self & Others

Interdimensional Healing
for Self & Others
Register Here $199
2 month payment option Here

The New Kids

The New Kids Event
Autism, Dyslexia & Gifted Children
January 16, 20, 21 & 23, 2015
Register Here $149.99

Walking to the TImeline

Experience the unprecedented opportunity to redesign our lives for success
Register Here $495.00

Predictions for 2015
Specific guidance and information on the year 2015
Register Here $111.95

During 4 sessions together we will bring in the next stage of the work of the family of
E culminating in the signing of the first spirit rights declaration ever on Earth
Register Here $149.25

5 day Certification Training we will explore the deeper realms of communication with the Earth, the Elementals and the Art of Animal Communication
Register Here $124.50

5 Sessions of Honest Non Censored Information
with some very important things we should know
Register Here $74.95

This series is designed to:
Activate your chakra’s and align them to the new frequencies pulsing on Planet Earth
clear away “residual limited patterns” or old programming
Register Here $99

6 Day Event designed to Shift your Rhythm & Change your Life
Rhythm covers so much more than music. It is a vibration, a frequency and
we have complete control over our own
Register Here $124.95

The original Vagus Nerve Activation modality was taught around the globe during the past decade
Register Here $99

The Feminine Rising will create a state of balance with the overly- dominant masculine energy that has been in power on the earth for many hundreds of years.
Register Here $149.95

The Feminine Rising will create a state of balance with the overly- dominant masculine energy that has been in power on the earth for many hundreds of years.
Register Herr $74.95

Steve and Barbara’s Blog

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Earth Changes 2015

  • 2015_01-NewKids_no_logo_no_dates

The New Kids Day 1

  • gfs-500

Earth Changes Update 11-2014

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“Your information was just what I needed.”

I was a little hesitant to try something new, but I am so happy to have taken your course online. Much Thanks for what you do ~ Brian

LightMaster 317 was the most powerful and inspirational message I have ever experienced. I cannot wait for 2015, I feel it is going to be a blowout year. I am truly grateful for our journey together.
Thank you
I have always enjoyed your work and now since I spent the 12-12-12 event with you, I feel very connected to all that you are helping us to remember. Love Elrah, the Time Keeper and the group! Thank you for any insights you might share with me. I appreciate you!
Thank you Steve and The Group from my most humble heart for my reading of Personal Session with you and The Group today. It will all take a while to sink in I know, my searching and waiting for the right person and the right reading was worth all these years as I have wanted to speak with Spirit.
Barbara, Thank you for sharing such a wonderful, tender story. Its is so important to remember to always be in the now. We should be free of stress altogether. Love you both in a very simple way. Thanks you
Thank you for your warm message. I felt so good to see the picture of you. I feel totally new energy. Thank you for coming back and I hope to see you in person in Holland in the future.
I would just like to heartfully thank Steve, Barbara and all who are instrumental in bringing forward to these wonderful channellings. For us to take this knowledge into our own hearts and re-member who we truly are. We do forget so very easily, but each month we re-reminded by Spirit just how brightly we all shine. We are honored by The Group……thank you, thank you all.
“The most important message I received from the group in the private session I had with Steve was that I have to trust my own gut feeling more. I need to have more confidence and trust in the path I’m taking. Thank The Group and all of you!
Thank you so much for this information. I will take it in use immediately. Love and greetings from Holland.
Dear Lightworkers,

Thank you very much for spreading beautiful knowledge around the world!

I wanted to personally Thank you All for your excellent guided meditations and very helpful video activation / channelings. I love this part! Very Effective! Thank you again
Steve – you get clearer and clearer every time I see you and Barbara. You are both glowing with radiant beauty and health!
Thank you Steve, Barbara and the team. Wow! This was a very emotional segment for me and I thank you for sharing.
Wow !!! And more Wow! Thank you so much Steve, Barbara and everyone else involved in Paths 2 Empowerment & for creating the space and the possibility for such incredible information and abundance of support and energies for us. I am blown away by the appropriateness of these messages. I feel supported and blessed. Thank you for your love and courage. I honour you.
The latest channeling above is very clear and beautiful. Thank you. My love to you all.
I love the online courses you are providing. I found them every easy to understand with such a powerful message. Thanks again.