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Thought of the Day

Thought of the Day - October 22nd

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LightMaster 2018

Our year long course that brings you up close and personal with Steve & the group

Registration opens August 1, 2017

This year we have decided to remove the restrictions of having specific topics on each day of the month as we have in the past. The group found this a bit restrictive and would rather give us the most important information each day that we come together. Each class is individually channeled the day of the event and most of them are presented in live channel. All the singularities of the group, Elrah, the Keeper of Time, the Scientist of the Heart, Em and Merlia will be on hand to give us a perspective from Home.

Earth Summit 2017
The Family of Empowerment Gathers to
Assist the Earth and Raise the Human Vibration

October 19-22, Sedona, Arizona

Then we will dive deeply into the sacred work we incarnated at this time to do. We will assist the Earth in her transition, and all of Humanity in raising their conscious vibration, and and learn how to move into our LightBodies at will.

This work is truly a calling for those who are choosing to be a part of a sacred process.

Predictions, Comments & Questions

The next event will  broadcast on Friday Ocrober 13 at 11:00am Pacific Time on Espavo TV.

NO Registration is required.

Join us for a 60 minute free livestream with Steve, Barbara and the group. We will open the class with a channel from the group then Steve & Barbara will answer your questions that you’ve sent in.

Registration is no longer required. Predictions, Comments & Questions can now be viewed on Espavo TV

Transcendence Level 2

Transcendence Level 2 with Merlia – The Rise of the Empath

October 27 FREE Master Class

Transcendence Level 2 with Merlia– The Rise of the Empath. The fourth major energy shift of 2017 is about to arrive, and it will usher in the Era of the Empath. In Transcendence Level 1, Merlia guided us through the first three shifts by enhancing the feminine power within all humans. This helped initiate a greater balance of the masculine and feminine energies. Now she wants to help us through the fourth shift by unleashing the full power of our empathic abilities. Per Merlia, many who work with the Light, whether male or female, are empaths. Some just aren’t aware of it…

Entraining Light

November 21, 22, 28 & 29


Finding Opportunity in “Chaos”

The concept of entrainment is not new. There are references to it in many areas of physics, including metaphysics. But the group wants to take it to a whole new level. Whereas most mention of entrainment in metaphysics involves synchronicity between the head and heart, the group wants to teach you to synchronize our vibrations to the chaos itself. This overcomes the misalignments between our vibrations and those of what we perceive as chaos.

Channelers of Change

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Channelers of Change

Three Perspectives on World Transformation

Featuring world-renowned channelers

Steve Rother • Jim Self • Geoffrey Hoppe

Crimson Circle Connection Center and Online

We’re undergoing the biggest changes in the history of the planet… changes that are coming at an unprecedented rate. Three world-class authors and channelers are coming together to talk candidly about the information they are receiving from the angelic entities about what comes next.

Do they all have the same perspective about the changes? Not exactly.

Do they all know that big changes are coming? Absolutely!

The group has recently talked about very important information about our Earth.
The information is contained in Six channels thus far. Most are free of charge and you can find them all by clicking the Special Announcement button below.
The most complete information is contained in the premium 2 day event Earth 2017

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Conscious Ascension

Six month in-depth study of ascension

Following their revelations about the trajectory of the earth’s evolution the group is ready to teach us how to step from one reality to the next at will. Like the way spiritual teachers and yogis of the past were able to consciously move from one dimension to another, the group says that we can raise our vibration to the point at which we can consciously ascend.

They wish to take us on a six-month journey that will begin to teach us how to reach that level.

On Sale

Free Events

Fundamental Light Series

What to expect from these Events

  • LIVE Online Channelings
  • Channeled “Activation Journeys” to deepen learning
  • Events are ready to watch on your time after the LIVE broadcast
  • We use the latest Cloud technology to distribute our video globally
  • Watch the Videos on your own time schedule
  • LIVE Online Channelings
  • Channeled “Activation Journeys” to deepen learning
  • Events are ready to watch on your time after the LIVE broadcast
  • We use the latest Cloud technology to distribute our video globally
  • Watch the Videos on your own time schedule
  • LightMaster Year Long Weekly with Downloads
  • Conscious Creator Series 3 & 4 Day
  • OverLight Certified Healing Modalities
  • Predictions Series, Monthly , Annual and Earth Changes
  • Monthly Beacons of Light messages and family updates from “the group”


See what some of our customers have to say about our Events:


Your information was just what I needed.
I was a little hesitant to try something new, but I am so happy to have taken your course online. Much Thanks for what you do.


Thank you Steve and The Group from my most humble heart for my reading of Personal Session with you and The Group today. It will all take a while to sink in I know, my searching and waiting for the right person and the right reading was worth all these years as I have wanted to speak with Spirit.


I have always enjoyed your work and now since I spent the 12-12-12 event with you, I feel very connected to all that you are helping us to remember. Love Elrah, the Time Keeper and the group! Thank you for any insights you might share with me. I appreciate you!

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