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Special Announcement

The group has recently talked about very important information about our Earth. 

The information is contained in Six channels thus far. Most are free of charge and you can find them all here:

 The most comprehensive information is contained in the premium 2 day event “Earth 2017”.

Also see the discussion between Steve Rother and Jim Self Live on ESPAVOtv June 9 2017 at 10am also simulcast in Facebook LIVE.

1. Segment 1 of the May VirtualLight Broadcast a channel from Merlia.
2. Segment 6 of the May VirtualLight Broadcast a channel from the collective of the group.
3. The entire Predictions Comments and Questions for June 2017   (requires registration but is free)
4. VirtualLight Live on May 27th  Ready for viewing Free
5 & 6   A 2 Day in-depth seminar:  EARTH 2017  Premium

In response, a special 6 month course on Conscious Ascension can be found here

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Thought of the Day

Thought of the Day - June 24th

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Conscious Ascension

June 21 FREE Master Class

Following their revelations about the trajectory of the earth’s evolution the group is ready to teach us how to step from one reality to the next at will. Like the way spiritual teachers and yogis of the past were able to consciously move from one dimension to another, the group says that we can raise our vibration to the point at which we can consciously ascend.

They wish to take us on a six-month journey that will begin to teach us how to reach that level.

more about Conscious Ascension here

Predictions, Comments & Questions – July, 2017 – FREE

Steve’s been having a hard time keeping the content for this next installment of Predictions to himself this week.  😉 A few of the group’s past predictions are now coming to pass and they would like to talk to you about them. The Russian involvement in the U.S. Elections and the potential Impeachment of Donald Trump, along with more on the environment and the rise in skin cancer in women….

Tune in for these topics and much more…

more about Predictions, Comments & Questions here

The Earth 2017

Recently the group gave a serious message about the future of Humanity and our Earth. This two-day event will explore and explain in detail what is directly ahead of us and what counteractive measures each of us can begin to work with.

The group wants to expand on their original channel and explain what is culminating together, and where we are best focused.

more about The Earth 2017 here

Lifeus Interruptus

Being a Lightworker, you are  likely an extremely sensitive and empathic person, wired to be of service to your community and the collective, who can no longer run the world’s collective energy through your personal energy fields without paying a very large and energetically draining price for it. In this two day nurturing experience, the group will address this, take you through a rhythmic healing process that takes you back to your original reset point, before you entered this incarnation, and help you to reset yourself, so that you can do your work in the world, without carrying the energy of the world.

more about Lifeus Interruptus here

Earth Summit 2017
The Family of Empowerment Gathers to
Assist the Earth and Raise the Human Vibration

 October 19-22, Sedona, Arizona

Then we will dive deeply into the sacred work we incarnated at this time to do. We will assist the Earth in her transition, and all of Humanity in raising their conscious vibration, and and learn how to move into our LightBodies at will.

This work is truly a calling for those who are choosing to be a part of a sacred process.

More about “Earth Summit 2017 here”

Upcoming Events in Belgium
Steve & Barbara’s ONLY visit to Europe in 2017.

October 1-3, Activating Your Hidden Light Codes
September 30, What’s ahead for Belgium and the Netherlands

See Steve & Barbara in person in Belgium, October 2017 with a brand new modality training.

It’s been 4 years since they’ve been to the region and this is your ONLY opportunity to see them in  Europe in 2017,  so there’s going to be a lot of hugs!

A six month journey balancing the feminine

In esoteric philosophy transcendence refers to “the  act of rising above and beyond ordinary limitations to achieve a superior state”.  Merlia is sending out a call to a select few to help you transcend your limits and achieve the extraordinary.  Over a six-month experience of teaching, activation, attunement and direct interaction, Merlia will help you retake the reins in your lives.  She will be the main teacher for this series, although it will be also taught by Elrah and the Keeper of Time.

more about merlia here


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