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Current Events

2019 Visionary Series – Predictions

December 11 & 12, 2018 2019 Visionary Series – Predictions Registration Now Open After many requests from around the globe, Steve, Barbara and the group are back…


2019 Visionary Series – Earth Changes

December 18 & 19, 2018 2019 Visionary Series – Earth Changes Registration Now Open After many requests from around the globe, Steve, Barbara and the group are…


Spirit Seed: Spiral Time Spiral Thought

New Dates: November 16, 21 & 27, 2018 11:00am Pacific Time Registration Now Open Spirit Seed: Spiral Time Spiral Thought Have you noticed that we suddenly live in a different…

Finding your Truth: Resetting your Magnetism

August 21 Registration Now Open Finding your Truth: Resetting your Magnetism In this powerful one-day event, Steve, Barbara and the group will guide you through a process…

LightMaster 2019

LightMaster 2019 (1900) meets four days each month on Thursdays at 11:00am Pacific Time. We understand that most of our people cannot watch live…

The New Human Species

Saturday, August 25, 2018 Free Online Event The New Human Species Featuring Steve Rother, Jim Self and Geoffrey Hoppe Watch online FREE at ESPAVOtv here Time: 1:00 – 4:00…


Dear Steve, Thank you for leading such an action-packed year for LightMasters. It amazes me when I take a class, just how much we, as LightMasters have gotten in advance. I’m really looking forward to next year! Stepping up!! Thanks so much for all you do…


for LightMaster

LightMasters has helped me embrace my 5 Words: Wake Up ~ Take Your Power! I feel loved, honored, and proud to be considered a Master of the Light! Can’t wait to move forward into LightMaster 2019. If this feels right to you, join us. You absolutely won’t regret it.


for LightMaster

I just finished listening to the recording and can honestly say the timing for a re-listen was spot on. I got even more out of it this time around. And I must say I really appreciate your smooth presentation–in terms of mannerism, style, and backdrop. You were very patient and pleasant. I look forward to catching your recordings and hope you’ll place me on your email list.

Dr. Laura

for Spirit Seed: Rejuvenation

Have experienced Day 2 and 3, and my expectations have been exceeded! Awesome, already these tools are helping me. Was on the street today and beginning to feel skittish around the rush hour traffic and people, and was able to transcend! Also huge reduction of hot flashes that come with anxiety and palpitations. Wow! Much gratitude to Merlia and the whole Team at Espavo.


for Transcendence 2

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  • LIVE Online Channelings
  • Channeled “Activation Journeys” to deepen learning
  • Events are ready to watch on your time after the LIVE broadcast
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  • Watch the Videos on your own time schedule
  • LightMaster Year Long Weekly with Downloads
  • Conscious Creator Series 3 & 4 Day
  • OverLight Certified Healing Modalities
  • Predictions Series, Monthly , Annual and Earth Changes
  • Monthly Beacons of Light messages and family updates from “the group”

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