Creative Witnessing- Learning to see Life as a Creator Being

Paths 2 Empowerment
                   Three live 60-75 minute classes
                  Online in the Evolution Center
March 7, 11 & 12  2014 11:00am Pacific Time
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Feeling Stuck? A three session event with the Keeper of Time, Elrah and eM as they tell us of our new capabilities in this new world. Here they share with us a new look at the creation process in a more direct way.  This event will be 70 – 80% channeled live as the group brings in new tools to help us create our world consciously instead of by default.

I can tell you now that this will be a no nonsense approach to living in the age of empowerment. In this event the group plans to show us the new short-cuts that are available since entering the Age of E. They wish to reveal to us how to walk on the new earth as conscious creators with simple tools.

The first day will be the overview of what it means to be a conscious creator as you are taken forward in time by the Keeper of Time where he will show us his predictions of what life will be like on earth in the year 2055, where humans have just learned to stall time and reach a rejuvenating state of being.

eM will take the lead in the second day of this event where he will show us a different way to use our eyes. Besides our field of focus expanding, we all now have more capabilities to create through our vision. For some years now the group has been talking about sending out a particle stream from our eyes as we both create and observe the world in front of us. It work with sighted and blind people alike.  Here, they wish to show us how to use it, especially now that it is four times more powerful in this new world of ours.

The third day will be co-hosted by Elrah and eM and will show us how to anchor in the new power.

Without anchoring, the new power fades. They will share with us how to use our energy torus to anchor  ideas, emotions, creations, and much more.  They will also speak of the pitfalls of walking with powers of creation on earth.

On the final day the Keeper of Time will return us to the year 2055 on planet earth where he will show us how the collective of all people has learned to embrace and honor the responsibilities that come with holding the new powers. This is a step forward in the age of empowerment.

Are you ready to step up and learn to walk as a creator being?

75% in live channel includes a channeled Journey Activation on the topic for that day.




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