Living in the Time of Transparency- NO MORE SECRETS

Paths 2 Empowerment
Three sessions – 60-75 minutes each
Online in the Evolution Center
Premium Event- Registration Only
March 21, 25 & 27, 2014
All classes are at 11:00am in U.S. Pacific Time
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Living in the Time of Transparency- NO MORE SECRETS
God is learning to walk naked

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It seems that everyday we see items in the news where a huge secret was revealed. Many people sit back and point their finger to make sense of it. Some say it is technology that is responsible for it but the group says there is something much, much deeper going on.  They say we have just made a quantum leap in consciousness and as higher vibrational beings, we see from a higher perspective where secrets can easily be seen. They say this will take place on our planet for the next 100 years and although we will not get to a true point of no more secrets, we all must learn to live with more transparency in our lives.  It is a fact of physics that transparency increases with light. So does your being and that is at the base of the transparency issue on earth right now.

On the positive side, as we adjust we get clearer communication not only with each other but with our own higher selves and with spirit. This event will delve deeply into both aspects.

The first day of this event will include the overview of the changes ahead for all humans in the area of increasing transparency. It includes the concept and application of one form of quantum channeling.

eM teaches us that there is always a truth in our emotions and that they need not be controlled, but channeled in the new energy along with a technique to do exactly that.

On the remaining days Elrah and/or the Keeper of Time will then take us into the new abilities that humans will see due to the increase and how to start using them now.

Classes will presented be mostly in channel and run 60-75 min in length.




March 21, 25 & 27, 2014

Seminar Fee: $145

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