4.0 Earthquake….. PERFECT!

One of the important items the group brought up in our seminar “Earth Changes 2015” was that the Plates need to move.  We have been working on this for some time in the LightMaster group.  They way the group suggested to work on it in the Earth Changes 2015 event was to envision a series of small quakes that can relieve pressure on the tectonic plates themselves.  The San Andreas fault is on fire right now, in more ways than one, with pressure.  The group also said to watch the Aleutian Shelf where the Aleutian Islands are strung out.  This is an area of great pressure and we have also lately been seeing a series of small quakes at that location.  Well done Lightworkers!  This is more than just geography as the effect this pressure is having on the collective of humanity is very stressful. We can change it with a series of small releases.  Celebrate when you see the small quakes…..it is a really good sign.

At the time of this writing we have just had a 4.0 Earthquake centered near Mammoth Lakes in Central California USA.  11 Days before we had a 4.0 Earthquake centered just about this one in the Bay area of San Francisco.  More to come.. Brace yourself and keep it small!

Big hugs