7 Keys to Abundance

Paths 2 Empowerment
Four sessions – 60-75 minutes each
Online in the Evolution Center
Day 1 FREE- Open to the Public
May 6 2014
All classes are at 11:00am in U.S. Pacific Time
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 Days 2-4 – Premium Event- Registration Only
May 7, 8 & 9, 2014
All classes are at 11:00am in U.S. Pacific Time
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We have been advised by the group that our originally scheduled Quantum Channeling 2 program slotted for the beginning of May would  best be postponed so that the group, along with Steve and Barbara can present a brand new series on Abundance.

The live channels presented at the last two VirtualLight Broadcasts have been intentionally focused on bringing awareness to this current energy climate on planet earth. They told us that March and April would be  likened to hitting bottom,  after that we would have great opportunity to begin building a new relationship to our abundance. They rarely step in and strongly suggest that we change things around, but this time they have. They tell us that learning these new keys to Abundance can assist us greatly at this very important time.

Quantum Channeling 2 will be postponed and re-announced at a later date.

The focus of this brand new series is on learning 7  keys to obtaining a new relationship with Abundance. Keys in this example are the missing pieces that unlock and access areas that are tucked away and protected. We wish to teach you these keys and instruct you how to use them.

If you can identify where your current beliefs reside about your relationship to abundance and are willing to learn a new framework to operate within, this series will bring a new understanding of the Universal flow of energy and how you can best yield it, partner with it and create from a place of new wisdom.

This series will be presented 75% in live channel from the group.  Recordings and downloads will be available for 60 days

All classes begin at 11:00am Pacific Time and run between 60-75 minutes in length

Recordings and downloads will be available for 60 days (and will be posted approx 6 hrs after the initial airing)

Day 1 is free of charge and open to the public

Discounts and payment options available




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