Aligning the New Body Templates for Maximum Physical Health

Before we came to Earth we made plans and contracts. Some of the plans we made were about how we were going to get out of here. How we were going to die. Some people placed themselves in a genetic line that could do the job when the time was right. Others came in with the seeds of fears that have been quietly hiding. But wait…. before the end came we changed the world. We entered the portal into the new world and are defining that world right now with our words and actions. We have new capabilities with our own physical bodies that were did not have only months ago. The group is taking this opportunity to help you change the natural direction of your physical body at this time. We will show you how to disconnect from the genetic and energetic lines and free yourself of seeds that were planted long ago to take your life and get your spirit home. It is not a race to see who lives the longest, we are simply wishing to return you to a destiny of your own choosing. Another way to say it is that many of you have alarm clocks that you programmed long ago. The group is helping us to change them before the alarms goes off.
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