Awakening the Crystalline Body

Awakening the Crystalline Body Video


June 5, 2014 11:00am Pacific Time
and rebroadcast at 6:00pm Pacific Time
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Classes are recorded and available for 60 days

Days 2- 4- Premium Event- Registration Only

June 10, 12 & 13 at 11:00am Pacific Time
and rebroadcast at 6:00pm Pacific Time

Seminar Fee: $145 (Payment options available)

OverLight Facilitators

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Light Masters & Lightworker Metaphysicians (Ordained within the Lightworker Organization only)

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Four sessions – 60-75 minutes each

Course Description:

Do you remember 15 years ago when the group started talking about the Crystal Children? They were a new vibrational level of children on earth for the specific purpose of ushering in the new world.  With different attributes and different purpose than the Indigos, these are the Crystal Children.  They came in with incredible sensitivities that we will all carry one day.  They spent much of their time and energy protecting themselves and adapting to the harshness of a low vibrational Earth.

Now we find that many of these children have gone inward to protect themselves. Today we see them beginning to surface as many of these beautiful beings are not children anymore.

The group has shown us a connection to these children and the incredible increase of Spectrum disorders on Earth (Autism).  Although we will mention this connection, this seminar is NOT specifically on or about Autism or the Spectrum disorder. That subject will be addressed at length later in the year.


This seminar is aimed at the positive attributes that the Crystal Children brought in and their intent for coming to Earth.  We will show you the many gifts they bring that every human can now start to use in their own lives.

This seminar will lead you in live channel to feel and adapt the gifts of the Crystal Children and how we can activate our own Crystalline Bodies.

Learn to raise your own vibration upon demand with simple exercises.

We will be connecting with the other Crystals who will lead us energetically into a new level of empowerment.

Learn a new guidance system that can be used anywhere.
Learn the lifestyle that the Crystal Children have brought to Earth for us to step into.

This seminar will be presented 70-80% in live channel including journey Activations to help you reach the level of the Crystalline Body right now.
This seminar is designed around three main intentions:

  • to be of service to the crystalline children whether you know any or not. You activating yourself will assist them to stabilize on the planet
  • to be of service to humanity, to raise the collective vibration of earth
  • to be of service to yourself, on your evolutionary journey.

We ask you to check deep within to see if this resonates with your heart. This work is for those wanting to be of service to evolution at this time.

Downloads and recordings available for 60 days.

Payment options available.