Bi-Location 101! Movements In Time

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to bi-locate and remain conscious in two places at the same time?  Sounds like science fiction but it’s not.  The groups says that we jump consciousness streams all the time, but rarely do we stay there for more than a fraction of a second.  Even thinking of a person in a distant location allows you to momentarily exist in both places at once.  The group says that if you are able to hold that dual consciousness stream long enough, your physical body will follow. The problem has always been holding that connection.  Even though we are multidimensional beings,  we tend to spend a lot of energy keeping our vibrational range within a narrow bandwidth that keeps our awareness limited to a single dimension.

Are you ready to remove the limits?

Since passing through the portal at the completion of 2012, we now have more access and potential to expand and develop ourselves further than we thought possible. We are making space for more of our own spirit to blend with our physical bodies.

What does that mean?

It means we can now comprehend and energetically manage establishing our consciousness in multiple dimensions, without overwhelming our minds and bodies. Humanity has evolved and advanced enough for this to feel like the next natural step in our expansion vs an unbelievable concept.

The group says we have so much more available to us now and we are just beginning to understand what we can harness and utilize.

During this five day experience, we will share with you the science and the spirit behind the universal truths that we can now use consciously. You will hear the groups explanation of what really happens to explain the effects of Quantum Non-Locality within Quantum Physics and how we can use that simple secret in our daily lives right now.  It will be explained in simple non scientific terms.

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