This is HUGE

No, I’m not mimicking a presidential candidate, I’m talking about the bombshell that group gave me today when I was preparing for Lightmaster. We were working with 5 Dimensional hearing and they slipped something in just before it went live.

They said something was happening on a really big scale that they wanted us to know. Time, as we know it has sped up. Now you may not think that’s anything you didn’t already know but wait until you hear the reason behind it. They talked about the Milky Way Galaxy of which Earth is a very small part. We have taught for years that at the very center of every galaxy is a black hole and yet I never thought to ask about the one at the center of our galaxy. It turns out that time has sped up because the black hole at the center of our Milky Way Galaxy is starting to feed again. It feeds by devouring the planet’s closest to the center of the spiral. That pulls everything toward the center in a spiral motion and the increase in that motion is causing the shift in time that we feel.

At this time the largest black hole in the universe is thought to be the one at the center of our galaxy. This is HUGE!
That is only the beginning.
And so many questions—
Why did it start to feed again?

How does it correlate to our consciousness and expansion?
I doubt these are unrelated

What time frame -lol- or how long until we get pulled in? Will we go through the black hole?
Subatomic particles accelerating in the universe

Feel it in our own bodies- the acceleration
As we learn what this means, we have the potential to accelerate within us whatever we are focusing on
Physical healing

Cellular rejuvenation
Expansion of gifts
Learn to get more out of time