California Fires – Own Your Power

The group watches as the fires in California rage.  1500 fires so far this year make this by far the worst year on record and we are not done yet.  As the group stated in Earth Changes 2015 this will be the hottest year ever.  That has already been reached and we are in early August.  The group says we can make a collective difference here.  They are also saying that in three days other factors will help in the process.  For now if we all take a few minutes and send calming energy that may make more of a difference than you know especially over the next three days.

Dare to step into your power and own your own mastery long enough to send out this cooling wave of light.  See it gather and gain strength by connecting with t he other waves of cool light all heading toward the worst fires.

Then set it into motion and step back into your chosen reality. Not a show of force but rather a harmonizing of man and nature to create the optimal conditions needed to bring a conclusion to the excess destruction.   Do no look upon the fire as good or bad but simply out of balance.

Thanks Lightworkers