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LM-1718 LightMaster Jan 19 2017

LM-1717 January 12 2017 Download this class in a Video .mp4       Download this class in audio .mp3

The New Kids Day 1

All Times Listed are US Pacific Time - Current US Pacific Time is: Hit the play button in the center of the player 15 minutes prior to the broadcast time.

Polarity Shift- Out of Polarity into Triality

Out of Polarity into Triality Video Two Session- Premium Event- Registration Only June 19 & 20 at 11:00am Pacific Time Check your Local Time Seminar Fee: $95 OverLight Facilitators receive $10 discount (please enter “Family10“ discount code at registration) Light Masters & Lightworker Metaphysicians...

Quantum Channeling 2- Integrating Spirit

Four sessions – 60-75 minutes each Online in the Evolution Center 4 Day - Premium Event- Registration Only May 6, 7, 8 & 9 , 2014 All classes are at 11:00am in U.S. Pacific Time Click Here to REGISTER .Check your local...

Creative Witnessing – Learning to see Life as a Creator-Being

Feeling Stuck? The Conscious Creator Series presents 3 events with the Keeper of Time, Elrah and eM as they tell us of our new capabilities in this new world. Here they share with us a...

E- Family Awakening Activation

The "E"family is gathering again! Why does the group use the name “keeper” so much? At least part of it is the sound and rhythm of the letter e. They say it is a large...

Resonance Day Jan 14th

Beginning on the 01-01-01 each year through the 12-12-12 we humans built a wave of energy and ushered us into a new world. This is a free seminar open to the public that the...

Balancing Sexual Energy – Resurgence of the Feminine Energy and How it will Affect...

Spiritual teachers have been prophesying for many years about the return of the feminine. They often speak of the problems associated with the male dominated world that we live in and cite these forces...


Five sessions – 60-75 minutes each Online in the Evolution Center Day 1- February 4. 2014 11:00am Pacific Time FREE EVENT- OPEN TO PUBLIC There is no need to register for this free event. Click here to be taken...

Relationship Activation – Opening Closed Doors 5 Day event begins Nov 15 Free...

Many sensitive spirits have had challenges with love relationships on planet Earth. It’s not easy holding a mirror that close! Some have been successful in relationship but for whatever reason found it ending. Some...

2014 Predictions: Mastering Your Power Through Powerful Change

The group has just released new information to Steve about what is to come over the next 14 months on Planet Earth. Although unusual for them to make “predictions” they tell us that we...

Bi-Location 101! Movements In Time

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to bi-locate and remain conscious in two places at the same time?  Sounds like science fiction but it’s not.  The groups says that we jump...

ISON Comet Starseeding Earth 10/05/2013

Coming to a neighborhood near you... The ISON comet.  November 28 2013

COMM Syrian Update 9/11/2013

A commentary from Steve Rother on the groups view of global events that effect the advancement of humanity.

COMM Starseeding Earth on 9/11/2013

A commentary from Steve Rother on the groups view of global events that effect the advancement of humanity. http://youtu.be/-hbxnmfnzcA

100lb Meteor Starseeds Southwestern US!

A 100lb meteor exploded over the US planing seeds of life.

COMM on Syria

Are we at verge of War? again? Cant we find another way?

COMM Antionette Tuff Human Angel

One soul to another.  AMAZING!

Building the Quantum Community Bridge

Free Event! Building the Quantum Community Bridge with Peggy Phoenix Dubro. Join us for the continuation of this event over 5 days! This was magical! Check it out http://youtu.be/zTH8-RFottI

European Tour Nov. 2013

Steve and Barbara will be making a tour to Holland in November of 2013