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August 19 1:00pm Pacific Time

Attend in Person

Channelers of Change

Three Perspectives on World Transformation

Featuring world-renowned channelers

Steve Rother • Jim Self • Geoffrey Hoppe

Crimson Circle Connection Center and Online

Louisville, Colorado, USA

August 19, 2017

 Free online, $33 inperson

We’re undergoing the biggest changes in the history of the planet… changes that are coming at an unprecedented rate. Three world-class authors and channelers are coming together to talk candidly about the information they are receiving from the angelic entities about what comes next. Do they all have the same perspective about the changes? Not exactly. Do they all know that big changes are coming? Absolutely!

With extraordinary changes taking place in every facet of human life –  from business and politics, to technology and climate change – we live in a time like nothing else ever experienced on Earth. Jim Self, Steve Rother and Geoffrey Hoppe felt called to get together on stage for the first time ever to discuss our changing world, with insights from the angelic realms that might surprise some, and for others confirm what they are already feeling.

Channelers of Change” is a unique opportunity to enjoy different perspectives on what this means and what the future might hold. Each channeler works with a unique collective consciousness – The Group, Adamus Saint-Germain, The Teachers of Light – which brings forth a different focus in the messages. Tune in and find out what resonates with you!

Jim Self – A well-known author, presenter and former US presidential advisor, Jim works closely with Teachers of Light such as Lord Metatron, Kuthumi, Archangel Michael and others. Together they guide humans in energy management, conscious creating and multidimensional awareness.

Steve Rother – Author, channeler and Lightworker for more than two decades, Steve is a five time presenter at the United Nations on two continents. He works with a collective of beings simply called The Group. In recent years, several members of this group have stepped forward to speak individually, providing Lightworkers everywhere with heartfelt re-minders, inspiration and empowerment.

Geoffrey Hoppe – Former marketing consultant, co-founder of a technology company, author and channeler, Geoffrey works closely with Adamus Saint-Germain, an Ascended Master who maintains an intense focus on supporting humans who are choosing embodied enlightenment in this lifetime.

Format: Online webcast or in-person (with subsequent downloadable audio, video and text)



Online: Free on Facebook and the Crimson Circle Live Webcast page!

In-person at the Crimson Circle Connection Center: $33. Includes food and beverage, plus social time afterwards with Jim, Steve and Geoff.

Location if attending in person:
Crimson Circle Connection Center

159 South McCaslin Blvd. Suite D

Louisville, CO 80027


Saturday, August 19, 2017

2:00 – 4:30 PM: Jim, Steve and Geoff talk about upcoming changes, with time for audience questions.

4:30 – 6:00 PM: Social time with Jim, Steve and Geoff


August 19 1:00pm Pacific Time

Attend in Person