Did you see that MOON?


As NASA and the g453453696roup predicted the second supermoon of the year hit last night.  WOW just looking sat it was awesome.  One of the human bodies natural cycles is the Lunarian cycles which responds to the pull of the moon.  Ever been in a police station on a full moon?  The group said these were perfect times to set things into motion.  It continues tonight the 11th and the tomorrow the 12 of August.  Then it will return for a record setting third time in September starting on the 9th which is Barbara and my 43rd anniversary.

On top of the supermoon is the  perseid meteor shower which we have watched every year for the last 20 or so years here is the US.  It seems the Swift-Tuttle comet leaves a trail of sand-like particles behind and every year around the second week in August Earth passes through the debris trail.  Its only small particles streaking across the sky as they burn up hitting our atmosphere but it looks like shooting stars. Our family has wonderful memories of watching this meteor shower, year after year, that can reach over 100 streaks an hour if the skies are clear.  Last night was not clear for us here is Las vegas but we watched the moon light up the cloudy skies and will be out there tonight as well.  As the group said….. m
ake a wish!