E- Family Awakening Activation Pro

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Why does the group use the name “keeper” so much? At least part of it is the sound and rhythm of the letter e. They say it is a large family that has been to earth, in unison as spirits at critical times of the development of humanity. One of the last times there was a large gathering of these beings on earth was about 800 years ago. From many geographical locations on earth this family started a wave of consciousness that concluded in the first human rights legislation on earth.

In this one time channeled event the group will tell the story of this great family and the gathering that is happening right now. This special family has gathered again at this critical time. Some are aware some are not. Many of you have an E or E sound in your name if your mother was listening that day. Even so if you feel the pull to be part of defining the new humanity now is the time and this event is aimed to help you re-member and to re-unite as spirits to create the next wave of higher consciousness.

2 days only! We believe that this event will be mostly from the Keeper of Time but it will be at least 75% channeled and will include an Activation Journey at the close of each day.

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See Espavo.org or Paths2Empowerment.com for more.


Steve & Barbara Rother