E-Family Reunion- Direct Light Infusion

Paths 2 Empowerment
Four sessions – 60-75 minutes each
Online in the Evolution Center
Day 1 FREE- Open to the Public May 16 2014 All classes will be presented Live at 11:00am in U.S. Pacific Time and rebroadcast again at 6:00pm Pacific Time Click here to access the FREE SESSION.  Days 2 & 3 – Premium Event- Registration Only May 20 & 27, 2014 All classes will be presented Live at 11:00am in U.S. Pacific Time and rebroadcast again at 6:00pm Pacific Time Click Here to REGISTER Can’t make it live? No problem. Classes are recorded
and available for 60 days.

In the original E-Family Awakening Activation the Keeper of Time told several stories about how this family planted the seeds of Human Rights on earth.  The E-Family has incarnated in numbers at critical times in human evolution. The group said that what we call “Human Rights” are actually the inalienable rights of all spirits. They even say that honoring human rights is honoring the god within. E-FamilyAwakening Activation – is available for purchase in the Online University Store  here> The first activation was to set up, awaken and activate this great family of Light. In this reunion, the group will help us to focus our collective energy at critical areas of movement in our world right now. Besides planting our own seeds of light in our areas of passion we will now collectively focus the love of this great family on the earth. We have provided a free day for those of the family with limited funds to join us as we form and activate the Light-grid we will work with. In live channel, the group will walk us through the steps of connecting and focusing our own powers of creation toward benevolent resolution in the world we live in right now. During the remaining two days we will use this grid in several ways:

  • to calm the hot spots on earth as these transitions take place.
  • find the highest use of all the discord in the world.
  • to intentionally plant seeds of Light in your own personal timelines.
  • to assist you in raising human awareness about human rights and letting your voice be heard.
  • to set the stage and hold the vision of an empowered world, what will that look like exactly?
  • and most importantly, to Nurture and Strengthen You, so that you may most effectively do your work as one of E-Vibration.

All classes begin at 11:00am Pacific Time and run between 60-75 minutes in length

Classes will be broadcast live at 11:00am and rebroadcast at 6:00pm Pacific Time

Recordings and downloads will be available for 60 days (and will be posted approx 6 hrs after the initial airing)

Day 1 is free of charge and open to the public

Discounts and payment options available

This special reunion series will also include an insider announcement about the E-Family and an upcoming in person gathering. Hint! The group has been presenting information on “Clans” for years now, make no mistake this is indeed a calling to be put to work with your larger family on planet earth. If this resonates in your heart center, then you don’t want to miss this.




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