#80 Human Angels / July 2006

There was a time when the angels stood over us and watched for opportunities to intervene in our world. Today they interact with us differently as we have evolved closer to heaven. This presents humans with a new possibility… to become Human Angels to each other…. What that means how that works is still up to us but it all begins with a commitment to ourselves to be tapped on the shoulder when there is angelic work that we are presented with.
This channel was presented during the 8 Sacred Rooms seminar on our first trip to Rigga, Latvia on July 1 2006.

#83 Practical Magic / July 2006

Creating Heaven on Earth is not an easy thing to do for most people. Yet the group says we have a special brand of practical magic that we can use everyday. They call it practical due to the fact that we no longer need the mystique around our powers as we did in the past. Now we can walk everyday as fully empowered humans.
Presented in Las Vegas, NV July 17, 2006.

#84 Stitching Hearts in a Tapestry of Love / July 2006

The group offers a different view of at the ascension process than most. They say that the idea that the good people go to heaven and the bad people to hell is just not correct. They say that we are the ones who decided that since the days of Atlantis we would never again separate ourselves in that judgmental manner. Here the group says that none of us go until all of us go. They then offer practical tools for working with the others to move forward together. Stitching hearts in a tapestry of love is the beginning of building Home here on Earth.
Recorded live in Las Vegas, Nevada July 23 2006.

#86 The Gift of the Human Angels / August 2006

In this channel the group explains how they work with us. They show us these things not only to help us grow but to prepare us for what is ahead for us as Human Angels. Here they share with us a different view of life. They say that many times we get stuck in our drama which can lead to a passionless life. Here they offer the view of the Human Angle who finds meaning in life by assisting others. It is not possible to get stuck in a drama if your spirit is fully engaged.
Filmed live in Toronto, on Canada August 12 2006.

#87 TriCreation / September 2006

We have been living in a field of “duality” where we see things as light or dark, right or wrong, up or down, good or bad and black or white. The group says that now we are moving into a field of “Triality” where we now have a third perspective with a new connection to our higher selves. Now we see both light and dark balanced by the higher self. Within duality we created with co-creation. In Triality we create with TriCreation. Different concepts for different vibrational levels. Not an old lost secret but a new way of thinking that produces “miracles” in the higher vibrations of the new planet earth. This channel will be a keystone in the upcoming work of Lightworkers. Watch for TriCreation courses coming soon. Includes questions and answers from the audience.
Presented in Elspeet, Holland September 5, 2006.

#89 Magnetizing Passion / October 2006

The group goes into detail here how the magnetics of attraction work for humans. Here they offer us ways in which we can activate and use or true creative powers. Every thought we have changes our field and it is the magnetics that allows us to create in the world around us Here they explain easy ways to work with that field intentionally rather than create by default. When a person experiences passion their field is the largest it can be at that moment. Here the group offers the idea of magnetizing passion to you. They say this can be the most effective use of
the energy field.
Filmed in Minneapolis, MN October 15 2006.

#93 Keepers of the Smile / November 2006

The group has spoken of the original seven clans. This is number six. Keepers of the smile, talks about the special people who have the ability to heal with their smile. More than looks these
people have an ability to send energy with their smile and they can help us all remember Home. This channel gives us the story of Katarina, a 13 year old girl who has this magical ability. It takes us through the difficulties she encountered with this energy and how she learned to hide it growing us. The story end with Katarina growing into her soul confidence with the true gift of a heavenly smile.
This was filed at the Antropia center in Zeist/Dreibergen, Netherlands, November 10 2006.

#94 Keepers of the Humor / November 2006

In the beginning there were seven clans. Each clan was responsible for bringing one specific vibrational light wave to Earth. This is the day they gave us the final clan. Telling the story
of Nicolias who carried this special quality they lead the audience through an experience of receiving this special ray of light.
This was filmed in Elspeet, Holland November 10 2006.

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#99 Wind at Your Back / November 2006

Here the group talks about the journey of the soul and how difficult it was for most of us to get here at exactly this moment in time. Some of the greatest healers are here on this planet right now to prepare for the shift. They say that the wind will now be much more at our back than ever before. Channel followed by Q & A.
Filmed in Neerpelt, Belgium Feb 2 2007.

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#100 Transition Teams / February 2007

Here is the story of Tommy who became an apprentice in the Hall of Transition. To be a Transition Team member was a great honor for Tommy and he knew he would be really good at this work
as he seemed to have special abilities in this area. As Tommy grew to step into this work he became aware of many things. He understood his gifts were a natural ability to move multidimensionly. Tommy soon began to understand that people crossing the veil in death or birth received magnetic imprints that gave them attributes as a human. Tommy soon found that crossing the veil to
return Home was a multidimensional experience that could be controlled. This channel gives us a higher view of spirits crossing the veil in both directions of Birth and Death. Followed by Q & A from the audience.
Filmed Live in Genk, Belgium February 4 2007.

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