#115 Water: Too Much too Little too Dirty / July 2007

These three points speak about man’s struggle with the energy we know to be water. The group talks about the human body being made up mostly of water and our relationship to it is changing. They talked about the simple idea of water being an infinite energy changing forms from one form to another. The water you drink today is the same water that the dinosaurs drank. They talked about it being multidimensional and how that can work for us here. At one point the group said that our time on Earth as humans will be determined by how we deal with these three point.
Questions and Answers from the audience follow the channel.
Filmed on the Beach in Kona, Hawaii on July 11 2007.

#116 Mastery ~ Enjoy the Ride / July 2007

Here the group talks about moving from destination consciousness to journey consciousness. They speak about what Mastery really looks like in practical use on a daily basis. Questions and Answers follow the channel.
This channel was the conclusion of the 070707 Relationshift training in Kona, Hawaii on July 13 2007.

#122 Good Grief / December 2007

There is one thing we all share as humans. We are all going to die one day. The group explains here how if we fail to grieve, that energy can actually hold a soul back on the other side. All of us will be touched by death several times in our lives. The group said we should consider teaching grieving in our schools as it can greatly help the overall evolution of humanity. In this channel the group describes grieving as an act of incorporating rather than separation. They give practical ideas on how to incorporate and come to terms with this thing we call death. Questions and Answers follow the channel.
Filmed in Las Vegas, Nevada December 4 2007.

#123 Sexual Magic / January 2008

In this beautiful message the group takes us back to the days of Lemuria to see how we as humans have dealt with sexual energy over time. The group speaks of the importance of this energy in our future and how it will be increasing for all of us in the days ahead. This is a powerful message about Life Force energy and how to shed Light in dark places with sexual energy. Q & A from the audience followed the channel.
Filmed in Las Vegas, Nevada At the first Sexual Energy training January 25 2008.

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