In both the original Earth Changes and Earth Changes 2015 covered the areas of flooding and what to expect. One of the areas they said to watch immediately was the Bay of Bengal and neighboring Gulf of Martaban.

It has been confirmed that Myanmar,Yangon and the coast of Bangladesh have just been hit hard. 150,000 people have been displaced and 27 deaths dues to flooding. More to come as Monsoon season is not over yet. A few moments of reflection and focus can help a lot now.

Today I see that the Eastern coast of Taiwan is about to be hit as well. We can send our thoughts and energy to those fleeing for their lives. Also take a moment and express gratitude for where you are at this moment.

To my surprise I was not able to verify this with the major new stations I watch. I found it very sad that 150,00 people who’s lives changed overnight did not make prime time news with CNN, BBC, Aljazera or MSNBC.