Earth Changes Update 11-2014

Earth Changes is coming true again. The one that is taking place right now that the group mentioned to watch is the arctic polar circle spinning out of its normal rotation. This is a direct result of global warming and the warming of the ice caps  This is liable to be cold winter especially in the places we outlined in the Earth Changes event.  Although I don’t believe it triggers the beginning of the coming mini ice age, I do believe that this clearly shows us that global warming has a cold side to it.

Last week the group said that if this spinning circle ever covers the entire United States at once it will make us cross a line that there will be no returning from.  They say that right now on Earth there is a critical balance and that every action we take even as individuals can keep us from crossing that line.

The earth is changing and we are along for the ride.  Here is the US last week we took several steps backward in collective thinking by the mid-term elections.  Many environmental activists were replaced by those who deny climate change even exists, so obviously we are not letting our voices be heard.  It is  convenient to say that one voice cannot make a difference, or that they system is corrupt and what’s the use. yet one voice continues to make a difference everyday. In the lack of people standing and speaking their truth the loudest voice wins.

And so we call upon all of you to pick up the job that has been left behind in this time of critical mass. Every little bit helps more than you can know.

Big hugs