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This is channeled music from Elrah of Rhythmic Service through Steve Rother on the piano. Shortly after Steve began channeling Elrah as a singular entity in his work with the group  he and his wife Barbara bought a piano for Barbara:

“It was Barbara’s childhood dream to learn to play.  Elrah must have helped organize some of that as I found that even though I had grown up with two pianos in my house and even though I never had an interest in learning I found that I could suddenly play the piano.  In the beginning I could clearly hear what he wanted and all I had to do was find it on the keyboard. I still had to build new muscles and learn to not run out of fingers but the better I got the more complex the music got. Within in all of his music is a variety of rhythms.”

We use many of these recordings in the Journey Activations that we offer in the Evolution Center and through the LightMaster series.

Below you will find the first compilation of music that Elrah asked me to record. I was given one song, or even just part of a song, at a time.  Once I got that down he would give me the next movement. Then I had to record each as they were being given to me.  I would not get anything new until I recorded the last one. All are in three time which is true of all of his songs.  Elrah says the Universe is actually a base three but since we live in duality we see everything in two’s. Many of these earlier pieces were dedicated to people close to me and therefore, important to him. I was aware that even in the beginning that Elrah was being very patient with me as in his words I “re-membered” the piano.  The recording of this music happened over a nine month process and when it began  I had been playing the piano for about 10 months.

Each song comes with a specific purpose, intention and activation that is detailed underneath the title seen below.



Elrah’s LOOSE!



The Third Chord Original  2:07  Download here>

A base rhythm for relaxation and breathing. All of Elrah’s music thus far is in three time. In other words a waltz. Here it is expressed in a song. It is a base rhythm that you can set in the physical.

USES: The rhythm is used for gaining Patience and Tolerance.


Awaken the Day  3:26  Download here>

Dramatic rhythm changes to awaken and inspire.  This was the first song that came through when Elrah started channeling through the piano.  Unchanged from its original composition, this has abrupt rhythm changes.

USES: Use to raise Energy levels.


Celtic Grace 4:58  Download here>

Tells the story of how difficult it is to walk in grace and the beauty that emerges when we do. Dedicated to Meg Adamson-Gour

USES: Activation for grace in many areas.


China Doll   5:52  Download here>

Using only black keys on the piano Elrah tells the story of a young girl seeing her own beauty and gaining confidence in herself. Dedicated to our daughter Elke Valkenaers.

USES: Use for Soul Confidence and to walk tall in all situations. Also to feel beautiful.


Deep Thought  1:47  Download here>

A short mental focus exercise. Simple rhythms help you to deepen your thought.

USES: Use to reset your rhythm for better focus with this short reset. Breathe with it to enhance.


Descending Light  3:22  Download here>

This is a rhythm and tune to uplift your mood and celebrate life. The Descending Light is a spirit incarnate on Earth. It will experience harmony and dissonance but it does so with grace.

USES: Use for inspiration and to stimulate ideas.


Tomorrow Never Comes  2:51  Download here>

Melodic rhythm with a dramatic climb into the light. Use this before a channeling session or as a meditation.  It will deepen the contact. Dedicated to Barbara Rother who Elrah definitely has a thing for.

USES: Activate new Relationships and or strengthen existing ones.


Twilight   3:12  Download here>

Set your rhythm with this piece at the beginning of the day. It is an alignment of threes.

USES: Use to set your harmony with the Universe. Use to align to the three’s. Aids in physical well being and health.





This is the  second album recorded directly after the first. In fact , Elrah  just wanted to start a new folder of recordings on my computer and the next album was born. This contains a deeper level of rhythms and tunes. It may have to do with my eventual improvement channeling him on the piano.

These recordings are used in the Journey activations that we present in video as part of our seminars and also in the LightMaster Series.

Balancing Light 3:33  Download here>

Now I’m feeling confident and start to push the boundaries a bit as I intentionally start this song with a four count yet in the second movement he brought back the three beat.

USES: Use this to Relax, Rejuvenate and Re-Balance yourself.

Butterfly Dreams  4.18    Download here>

Use this to reduce polarity and neutralize any emotional charge that you may be carrying.  The opposing rhythms and tunes in this piece are self balancing. They will help you to do the same.

USES:  Reducing Polarity, Widening Perspective. Release the bias in a situation.

First Waltz in Heaven  2:46  Download here>

This was given to help find beauty all around us. Elrah says that Beauty blossoms in gratitude. This is a way to draw beauty to you and the admire the beauty already there. This is dedicated to Steve and Barbara Rother.  It was given for them to dance to when they both first meet at Home.

USES:  Enhancing and unveiling beauty.  Remembering Home


In The Meadow   3:30  Download here>

In the first book from the group Re-member it begins with a story of spirits gathering in a meadow at the base of a mountain when one asked if they wanted to play a new game. From this the game of Pretending to be a Human began. This is the musical interpretation of that story.

USES: Use this to remember, ignite and stimulate the child within.  Also to remember your origin.


Lost in the Clouds   3:04   Download here>

Use for meditation and resetting your energy at any time. Varying rhythms revolve around a central theme. Imagine laying in a field of grass watching the clouds pass.

USES:  Use this to practice Be-ing and enjoying the “now” moment.


Sing Me Back Home    5:32  Download here>

The story of a spirit gone to experience earth, yet finding it hard to let go of the memories of Home. Like a Celtic fable told in music this is the story of spirits connection to Home and the haunting memories they have of beauty beyond the boundaries of earth.

USES: Use this to set your tempo anytime and to strengthen your connection to spirit. See what it brings for you.


Step UP!   2:25    Download here>

Rhythm changes interlace an unusual central theme. It is musical encouragement to step up and take that next step.

USES: Use this as a catalyst for movement in your life.


Whispering Rain   4:07  Download here>

Imagine walking in the forest and being greeted by the morning devas. One of the movements in this piece is a loose interpretation of Morning Mood by Griege (classical)

USES: Use this to increase animal and nature communication. Also for general grounding.





About the Pride of Light

Unlike the other albums this one came in at one time.  The songs in this album were recorded when they were channeled for the first time.  Elrah wanted to activate using melodies that repeat through several songs. It was recorded over three sessions approximately 2 hours total recording time (prior to editing into the songs below.).

We use these songs in our Video Journey Activations used is seminars and the LightMaster Series.

Play the file on the black bar below or download it to your computer with a single right click on the Download here> link and then “save file” or “save file as” Then double click on the file to play it from your computer.

Alive in the Night – 4.45 Download here>

Have you ever found yourself awake at 3am wondering what to do.  Spend 4.44 min listening to this, breathe and go back to sleep.

Here Elrah uses the broken rhythms at first. It is almost annoying to the musical ear but it helps to jar loose any rhythms that you are hanging on to keeping you from sleep. About half way through the piece he stops the broken rhythms, imprints Hope and allows you to relax and return to sleep waking feeling rejuvenated.

USES.  For members of the 3am club who find themselves awake and Alive in the Night.


Beauty In the Darkness – 7.19  Download here>

A Melodic suite of four movements lets you dance around the Pride of Light Theme.  Approximately half way through the cords and music turn slightly dark. It is a striking way to open the perception and remember that there is beauty everywhere if one only looks….even in the darkness

USES:  Letting Go of Loss  Instructions: Speak that which you wish to let go of at the beginning of the song almost as if you were dedicating the song to them or it.. As the last notes fade away breathe out with force and let go.


Daydreaming -1.49  Download here>

A gentle reminder of the Light,  A brief interlude into a daydream where one can let go, refresh and refocus.

USES:  Resets and re-calibrates your energy.  Can help to alleviate boredom.  Designed for nighttime use but can be applied anytime.


Deva’s of the Forest – 3.15 Download here>

Let Elrah take you on a walk through his favorite forest.  He will introduce you to the devas of the forest, he knows them all by name. Here they will honor you.

USES:  Use this when you are missing the elements of nature in your life. Use this to raise your awareness of the elemental world around you and to place you into harmony with it. Also helps you to harmonize with animals of all kinds.


Fairy Dust – 1.54  Download here>

As if Tinkerbelle flew in the window and started to sprinkle her fairy dust she sings her song and awakens our magic.

USES: Use when you wish to activate more magic in your life let the Fairy Dust be sprinkled upon you. Use often.


Heart – Soul – 2.50  Download here>

Varying rhythms and times carry the listener into the familiar territory of the heart. Intersperced with the Pride of Light theme Heart- Soul is melodic and meandering designed to house rhythms that open perception.

USES:  To open and enhance communication.  Enhances spirit communication as well as in relationships.


Prelude to a Lullaby for Tim -3.46  Download here>

Broken and varying rhythms and times help to digest the events of the day.  It helps you to put aside the challenges carried during the day. As if your soul says: Its time to let go and put aside the thoughts of the day.

USES: SLEEP To release the day and prepare for rejuvenation. Use prior to Lullaby for Tim for the full effect.


Lullaby for Tim – 3.19   Download here>

This is a lullaby dedicated to our grandson Timothy.  The dance takes you into multiple dimensions that Elrah translates as the high low use of the keyboard.

USES: SLEEP. Prepares and assists in the sleep process. Depth of sleep and rejuvenation and will enhance energy upon awakening..


Pride of Light THEME  Long Version – 5.58  Download here>

Each soul has selflessly carried a special ray of light to earth. This is to help you remember the feelings of pride you had when you first decided to carry that ray to earth. The central themes of this album are in this recording. Through the use of steady regal rhythms it allows us to remember and integrate that Pride of Light.

USES: Spiritual Confidence, Pride, Re-membering ones purpose.


Regal Light – 3.04  Download here>

Everyone will walk in regal glow at some point during their lives. Be it a quick 5 minutes of fame or a life under the spot light everyone is a hero to Elrah. Here he wishes to celebrate you, help you remember who you really are and walk in that regal glow.

USES: Confidence.  Helps you remember your true nature. Clears confusion especially if one has been laboring over a decision.


Waiting for the Light – 1.27  Download here>

In those moments before you open your eyes imagine Elrah awakening you with this song. Irregular and varying times and rhythm make this a story of awakening.

USES: Awakening Physically  Awakening Spiritually, Awakening Emotionally,  Starting or re-starting a day.


Walking in the Dark – 3.00  Download here>

Elrah uses steady and clear rhythms with unusual chord progressions.

USES:  Clarity and Mental Focus and Insight.