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This is the  second album recorded directly after the first. In fact , Elrah  just wanted to start a new folder of recordings on my computer and the next album was born. This contains a deeper level of rhythms and tunes. It may have to do with my eventual improvement channeling him on the piano.

These recordings are used in the Journey activations that we present in video as part of our seminars and also in the LightMaster Series.

Balancing Light 3:33  Download here>

Now I’m feeling confident and start to push the boundaries a bit as I intentionally start this song with a four count yet in the second movement he brought back the three beat.

USES: Use this to Relax, Rejuvenate and Re-Balance yourself.

Butterfly Dreams  4.18    Download here>

Use this to reduce polarity and neutralize any emotional charge that you may be carrying.  The opposing rhythms and tunes in this piece are self balancing. They will help you to do the same.

USES:  Reducing Polarity, Widening Perspective. Release the bias in a situation.

First Waltz in Heaven  2:46  Download here>

This was given to help find beauty all around us. Elrah says that Beauty blossoms in gratitude. This is a way to draw beauty to you and the admire the beauty already there. This is dedicated to Steve and Barbara Rother.  It was given for them to dance to when they both first meet at Home.

USES:  Enhancing and unveiling beauty.  Remembering Home


In The Meadow   3:30  Download here>

In the first book from the group Re-member it begins with a story of spirits gathering in a meadow at the base of a mountain when one asked if they wanted to play a new game. From this the game of Pretending to be a Human began. This is the musical interpretation of that story.

USES: Use this to remember, ignite and stimulate the child within.  Also to remember your origin.


Lost in the Clouds   3:04   Download here>

Use for meditation and resetting your energy at any time. Varying rhythms revolve around a central theme. Imagine laying in a field of grass watching the clouds pass.

USES:  Use this to practice Be-ing and enjoying the “now” moment.


Sing Me Back Home    5:32  Download here>

The story of a spirit gone to experience earth, yet finding it hard to let go of the memories of Home. Like a Celtic fable told in music this is the story of spirits connection to Home and the haunting memories they have of beauty beyond the boundaries of earth.

USES: Use this to set your tempo anytime and to strengthen your connection to spirit. See what it brings for you.


Step UP!   2:25    Download here>

Rhythm changes interlace an unusual central theme. It is musical encouragement to step up and take that next step.

USES: Use this as a catalyst for movement in your life.


Whispering Rain   4:07  Download here>

Imagine walking in the forest and being greeted by the morning devas. One of the movements in this piece is a loose interpretation of Morning Mood by Griege (classical)

USES: Use this to increase animal and nature communication. Also for general grounding.