Gender Associated Colors and the “New Normal”

Quite a few years ago I used to play a lot of tennis. I had a fierce competition with my brother and we played every week. I remember that when I really wanted to win a set I would wear my favorite pink tennis shirt. It was so bright pink and in combinations with day-glow sweat bands it was a distraction for my opponent. It was my secret weapon and I kept that shirt ready in waiting…..until one day I reached for it and found that my wife had dyed my pink shirt a dark blue. Turns out she was embarrassed when I wore it.  She said I just didn’t look good in pink. I always bowed to her fashion sense as she always knew how to look good. I understood and found a new secret weapon to use on my brother. Now I know that some people just do not look good in some colors, and we were very young, married couple at the time but I wondered how much of what happened there was due to public opinion or the political correctness of the time. It was not big deal but I will always remember how good and powerful I felt in that shirt. Today I have several pink shirts but she still keeps me in check when I attempt to wear plaids and checks together.


Now we hear that Target stores in the US have announced that they will phase out the typical gender associated colors of Pink for girls and Blue for boys.  We are truly seeing and change in these areas of humanity.  On one hand, I feel a bit sad in letting go of the old norm.  But then the group shows me their view. The truth is I have no idea what color my parents dressed me in and I wonder if that would have made any difference in my life. I also know that I am not the norm and can’t help but wonder how I would have responded had I being forced to wear pink as a young boy. I am a person who did not discover fashion at all until my mid 40’s.  But the new energy requires us to look at the larger picture and attempt to empower more of the people around us. In Targets case, that is thier customers. The truth is that Humans come in a wide variety and the collective of humanity is now recognising just how wide that is.


The group likes this as they say that this company (Target Stores) is simply looking ahead and attempting to make a more level playing field for it customers of the future.


Well done Target!