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Class begins at 11:00am The current US Pacific Time is:

LM-1936- Meet your Esayoto Guide


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Elrah’s Music is free for all LightMasters – Download pages are below:

#1 Elrah’s Loose!

#2 I thought YOU were watching him

#3 The Pride of Light


LM-1901 Sep 20 2018 Intro and Let the Magic Begin!

LM-1902 Sep 27 2018 – Traveling in Spiral Time

LM-1903 Oct 4 2018 – Mail –  SOLARA – HeartLight Network

LM-1904 Oct 18 2018 – Mail – Finding Your Tone

LM-1905 Oct 25 2018 – Mail – Finding Your Color – Color Wash

LM-1906 Nov 1 2018 – Mail -HeartLight Network- Charging Your Hands

LM-1907 Photonic Activations for the Morphogenic Body

LM-1908 -Mail- Merlia take us in to 2019


LM-1910- Mail- Listening to Spirit in Spiral Time 

LM-1911- Mail- Healing from the group

LM-1912- Behind the Scenes at the Evolution Center

LM-1913 – Emotional Alignment for 2019

LM-1914 – Primordial Rhythms

LM-1915 – Mail – Red Room – Brain Rhythms

LM-1916 – Mail – The Rewire – Past lifetimes

LM-1917 – Mail – Harmony with the Earth

LM-1918 – Spiral Thought

LM-1919 – Valentines Day Special- Body Charge

LM-1920- Look Ahead – Things that will Change Your Life

LM-1921- Mail – with Barbara

LM-1922- Eyes from Home

LM-1923 – New Vibrational Awareness

LM-1924 – Mail- The Neurogenic Body

LM-1925 – Mail- The Magic of Threes

LM-1926 – Mail- Non-Linear Thinking

LM-1927 – Mail- Spiral Thought

LM-1928 – Mail – Dimensions of Space

LM-1929 – Mail – The New Path Forward

LM-1930 – Mail – The Sun

LM-1931 – A New Dawn

LM-1932 – Energy Exchange The Gift

LM-1933 – Mail, Mail and Mail

LM-1934 – Hurricanes Earth Movements

LM-1935  –  Healing in the Higher Vibrations