LightMaster Focus – China

This is a call for a wave of Love from the LightMasters, (Our year-long advanced crew)  and all Lightworkers who wish to join in.

The group says we have an opportunity to reach into our world and give a gentle nudge to help reach a critical point. The place we can help the globe and mankind the most is by sending energy to China and the Chinese people. As usual with the group this is not a political statement, nor is it about any of the governments of Earth. This is about people and “they” are “us.”

China is unstable from several points. The stock market has not recovered, if it does not recover it will spread to the rest of the world as we described in the Economic Reset.  Other than this issue we are doing well with the overall project of a gentle reset.  Today we see that China has taken another step to restart their market but we will see if the people accept it.  Here we ask that you send energy to the governing people to help them make the highest decisions and policies.

The other issue of China is in the extreme weather they have received in the South as well as Taiwan and the Bay of Bengal.  Here they have received a total of 40 inches of rain in a two day period about a week ago.  As of today’s writing more than 185,000 people has been evacuated and are relocating.  This is pulling on the collective right now and here is where we can make a difference. The group says that a little calm peace and unconditional love can make a big difference here.

Take a moment out of your day and lets make the world a little smaller.

Timeline projection for this wave to begin to take hold is only 10 days as they need the help soon, but still need time to get past the shock wave of the event.  Project forward and plant seeds anywhere from 10 to 60 days out.

Espavo, and keep us the great work!


Love from the group