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The LightMaster Integration Level program is our year long program where we use our gifts and the techniques learned in level 1 and level 2  to create the world around us.  The next entry level of this course is in Sept. 2014.  The three levels of LightMaster are outlined below.  We have condensed the entire first two years of the LightMaster experience so you can take it at your own time and pace.  Level 1 is now in 8 events and the entire Level 2 is now in 12 events.  These can be purchased in our store at any time but must be completed prior to entering the Integration Level. These are the entire course condensed to its very essence and includes a 20-30 minute targeted Journey Activation in each session.  The final session of level 1 closes with a rhythm activation by Elrah.  We have made this available in our Video On Demand (Store) section so you can take it on your schedule instead of ours.  These courses are prepared specifically for entrance into the Integration level of LightMaster.  The Integration level is where we put everything to work and into action.  The first two levels are how we get you there. Be sure to watch the video below for the Integration Level so you can see the overview of the entire LightMaster program.

LightMaster Level 1:

The first level of LightMaster is dedicated to building the outer shell of the new conscious body of light.

We cover four sections; Expansion, Harmonics, Magnetics and Rhythm.

Expansion.  The group talks about expansion as returning to our natural state of energy.  They say that we spend much of our energy trying to hold our world tightly together when we can start to expand and begin returning to the expanded perspective of our spirit.

Harmonics.  This is learning to tune to the world around us and consciously choose the world we wish to experience. Finding and staying in your sweet spot of life.

Magnetic s.  Learning to consciously use the magnetism of the heart to reach other people.

Rhythm.   A form of communication that we use unconsciously everyday yet we know little about it.  A fascinating sections on how to begin using your rhythm to create your life closing with a Rhythmic Journey Activation from Elrah.

Each event is approx 90 minutes and includes a targeted Journey Activation for each class at the close.  They are presented by Steve Rother. This course is best suited to be spread out over 8 weeks but can be condensed into as little as 4 weeks if you are prepared to move.  Taking the course more frequently than advised does not give time for the  Journey Activation to ground in your life and can reduce their effectiveness.

Purchase Information for LEVEL 1:
Seminar Fee Level 1: $295 for 8 prerecorded sessions Payment options available Purchase and begin anytime.  Allow a minimum of 4 weeks to absorb this material and 8 weeks is recommended before entering Level 2. PLEASE RETURN TO THIS PAGE AFTER PURCHASE AND CLICK THE LINK BELOW TO ACCESS YOUR VIDEO ON DEMAND PRODUCT

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact either the Lightworker main offices at 702-871-3317 or our Event Manager Meg Adamson-Gour at 702-871-3317 ext 3. You can also email Meg here>

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LightMaster Level 2:

The second level is aimed at working within the Conscious Body of Light that we activated in Level 1. The level 2 material will be presented over the first 8 sessions. Then we will present a special bridge class that will bring you up to date on all of the newest techniques and latest information that the group has brought into the Integration Level prior to your entrance. The First 8 Sessions cover 4 areas: LightGrounding: Learning about the sacred energy form known as the Tube Torus and learning to activate and control your own consciously instead of letting it run you by default. Overlaying the Matrix:  One session only on this topic, but it is here that we will ask you to revisit and adjust if needed, your original questions that brought your spirit to have an experience on Earth. Discerning Responsibility and Re-activation of the Creator Being.  Here we balance our egos for the journey and learn to see responsibility as opportunities for empowerment. It is at this level that we ask you to take responsibility for your own powers of creation and use them consciously.  Movements within Time: Here the Time Keeper teaches us the secrets of time and how to work with expanded time.  Here we work with Quantum non-locality and Bi-Location. The remaining 4 sessions We will do a review of the entire first 2 levels of LightMaster and will introduce the the new tools that have been brought into the Integration Level through live channel up to this point so that your transition into the Integration Level is smooth and comfortable for you and for those already in motion at this level. Each class will be 60- 90 minutes in length and includes a targeted, channeled Activation Journey at the close. All of the events in this class are presented LIVE by Steve Rother.  Barbara is not normally a part of these classes. The group has told us that those who hear this call, are to be put to work faster than ever before. They are needed on planet earth to effect change at this time.  Are you ready?

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Registration Information for Level 2 Fee is $495 for 12 prerecorded sessions This course must be completed prior to entering the Integration level (3) in September. Integration Level (3) registration stays open until the last scheduled course in October. Light Master 1 is the prerequisite to this course Payment options available. REGISTER HERE

Integration Level of LightMaster

NOW meeting 4 Days every Month! This year for the first time we are adding an additional day each month to the LightMaster Integration Level.  There is no additional charge for this.   It is our gift to you and a special thank you for the current Integration Level of LightMasters who have helped us build a new world thus far. We are very proud of you and the work you have already done. We hope you continue to make the Integration Level a part of your experience and a Home away from Home.

The top level is the Integration Level of LightMaster.  This is where we put to use the tools we have learned in Level 1 & 2.  Here is also where we bring in the newest information from the group.  More than a collection of people taking courses, the group sees the integration Level as a valuable resource to humanity and planet Earth and a wonderful way to ground the Light from Home.

Integration Level moves to FOUR days each month. Each of the day has a different focus

  1. Rejuvenation Day:  To nurture and rejuvenate you. This is aimed at taking care of the greatest angels that have ever lived.  Healing and rejuvenating your physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. This day will usually includes a channeled  Journey Activation designed  to help YOU!
  2. Healing Humanity Day:  To use our conscious creation techniques in daily life as well as in global, humanitarian and other projects where we can make a difference in the world around us.  We will work with current events where the group says we can make a difference now. Includes time traveling to plant seeds of Light in the future of humanity, human rights issues,speaking your mind as well as healing the earth.
  3. LightMaster Evolution Day:  This day is spent with channels and assignments from the group to raise your personal vibration to its highest level.  Includes channeling assignments and this is where we bring in all the latest information from the group that has been presented outside of the LightMaster group. This day will usually includes a channeled  Journey Activation to help you own your mastery and put it to use in your daily life. Occasional guest speakers will also be brought in on these days.
  4. PASSION DAY:  This day is presented by all of the LightMaster students.  The is where you have 10-60 minutes to tell the rest of the LightMaters about your passion.  Live or prerecorded, this is where you share with the other LightMasters the special ray of Light that you brought to earth.  In this safe environment we give you the chance to try out presenting from your heart.  Each year at the beginning of the year Steve will show you what you need to know about the technical end and even take you on a behind-the-scenes tour of the Evolution Center to give you ideas for your own work and presenting it online.

Each course runs approx 60 minutes in length.  All of the singularities of the group will be presenting in this special course   This allows us to quickly address or respond to events in the world as they are needed.  At least two Journey Activations each month will be aimed at the topic that was channeled in that class. Most of these course will be taught in live channel 75 -90%. The majority will be presented Live, yet due to our travel schedule some may be prerecorded up to two weeks prior to presentation. This way they will all be current. Passion day is the current “Project” we are working on.  If it reaches a conclusion we will begin a new project on that day. We consider suggestions from the LightMasters participating first in determining what projects to take on. Each LightMaster has a passion and a field of expertise.   The Integration Level of LightMaster is about helping you find that passion and to make it available to the world. If this sounds exciting, there is no better time to live as a LightMaster.

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Registration Info for Integration Level :

Annual Fee Integration Level: $1195 for 48 LIVE, interactive sessions. Returning Integration Level of LightMasters & Lightworker Metaphysicians (Ordained within the Lightworker Organization only) receive $200 discount. (please enter “LightMaster200” discount code at registration.  This will be validated prior to beginning the course.) Light Master 2 is the prerequisite to this course Payment options available. REGISTER HERE

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