Magnetic Heart Codes Activation 2 – Anchoring Light in the 5th Dimension

The Magnetic Heart Codes 5-D Activation will be similar in many ways and will be presented in live channel like before but will be focused on anchoring our own energy in the New World and in the fifth dimension and using more of its attributes. Here Elrah, the Keeper of Time and the group will walk you through an experience that will culminate with a live channeled activation journey. These are unique multidimensional experiences that will activate the new magnetic heart codes. All of these journeys and channeled lessons are different than the previous Heart Codes Activations. The overall focus in this activation is to re-anchor your own energy here in the new world. That means learning to see you differently and taking responsibility for your powers of creation.

The group’s aim in this course is to help you return to feeling on course, in the direction of your heart, with spiritual confidence and the excitement of a child for creating this new world. They say that what you see in front of you right now is a shadow effect of the world you set into motion before going through the portal. Even though it does not have the full charge of what is possible, it has allowed humanity to make a transition. The problem is that our shadow world is already beginning to fade, leaving us with an empty feeling even when we are in areas of our passion. We simply can not see our reflection in the same way. The group says that the next seventy five to one hundred and fifty years will determine the rate at which humanity will evolve for the next millennium. They also say that we are the angels who have placed ourselves at this exact junction of time and space so that we could help all of humanity anchor this new world. This is why most of us came here to earth.

This event will also focus on the multidimensional world we now live in and how we can start to use more of it than ever before. Their intent is to give you a new vision not only of yourself, but of the universe around you and your place in it.

The activations will be the final 20 -30 minutes at the close of every class except the last one. Day 1 is free. Day 2-4 will be the activation journey’s and day 5 will be interactive Q & A. Most events will be 60 to 75 minutes long with the majority of the course in live channel.

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