More Amor

The group surprised even me yesterday by telling an Amor story. No not the French word for love. Amor was the main character in a story the group has told about a young boy coming of age in in the days of Lemuria. They told the story over six years but stopped about 8 years ago. Yesterday they checked in with Amor and we heard another Amor story. We suddenly found Amor asking his father to tell him about his work as one of the top level administrators for the entire continent of Lemuria. His answer was quite beautiful and all about how the hearts of all of Lemurians are always connected at every moment and his job was to tap into the collective and find ways of empowering people. He considered himself to be an honored servant rather than a leader.

Then the group stepped out of the story and into the course which was all about how governments were formed. They even said that all governments aspired to be as balanced and as empowering as was Lemuria. It was important for the group to tell how we got here before they tell us where we are and what is ahead. The event is the first day of the Control Over the Masses but they also told me there would be more Amor very soon.

By the way, the group also had very interesting things to say about the 60’s and the Peace and Love revolution of that time. I love it when they put it all together like that.

Big hugs