New Body Templates – Ready to Receive HD Re-uploaded 1/18/14

A couple of years ago we began to release our body templates to allow for more of our spirit to be active within our physical body. Those activations opened the door for many changes but little was offered at that time. Now the Keeper of TIme has lowered his finger as humanity is now grounding in the new world. Since our spirits have new needs of the physical body they have offered a flexible template that should help us regain our footing in the new energy. The first day is open to the public and at the close of this event we will do a release activation to release any body templates that you are holding. The following three days will be forming, activating and adjusting to the new flexible body templates that we can now all hold. See or { for details.

Note: Copyright claims caused us to place a new ending and re-upload this project. It took several attempts but we got it. My apologies to Free Play Music for the unintended use of their music here at You Tube. I truly believed that when I purchased it from them several years ago that it was ok to use it without paying them more. I stand corrected.