Peggy keeps apparating off our pages…..

yellow_smiley_face_round_car_magnetJust a little amusing story for those attending the Lightworker Reunion in October in Scottsdale Arizona.

When I created the original product descriptions I uploaded an image of Peggy along with a few lines of text next to her. No problem right? Right, until…….

Just last week Steve, Barbara, Peggy and I came together for a conference call. At that time it was discovered that Peggy is a direct descendant of John Hart, one of the original signers of the Declaration of Independence.

Guess what? So am I. I am a direct descendant of William Fitzpatrick who signed the Declaration as well.

On that call Peggy kept saying she was feeling something of great importance was coming through for this event. A few days later,  Steve, Barbara and Peggy met to record her upcoming Virtual Light Broadcast interview (tune in August 30 to see it) where it was dropped in that the first ever Declaration of Spirit Rights for All will be created and signed at the event! Just feel the energy of that put into the collective!!

And ever since that recording Peggy’s image will not stay on our pages!

I have removed the image twice and replaced it, nope, still missing. I checked the code, all was fine with the code…Peggy simply just kept apparating off the page.

I politely mentioned that I might need to replace her image with a big yellow smiley face image place holder if her image insisted on continuing to jump off our pages.

We’ve tied an etheric string around her toe, and so far, her image is playing along with us.

When you receive the new video advertising the event, she is in it, honest, she is. If she starts disappearing from the videos next I’m going to put that big yellow smiley face place holder on the videos too!

Is it the ancestors messing with us?

No, it’s just magical, mystical, mischievous Peggy….remember those images that swirled around social media of photos taken of Peggy sitting on stage and each was a giant ball of white light? Mmmhhmmm…

All I know is that Peggy will be at the event, really, she will.

How she will apparate in and out remains to be seen….

That alone is worth the price of admission!!

Stay tuned to hear what the Family of E is conjuring next….