Welcome to the Polarity Shift Online Seminar

The group said that all of humanity is moving out of polarity and into the new experience of Triality. Triality is the new way that we express Light in the 5th dimension and it is not limited to the black and white perspectives that humanity has used up to this point in our evolution. Where as Polarity or Duality has been the nature of the gameboard we have been playing this game of Life on, Triality shows us how we can emulate many more of the attributes of Home in our daily lives right now.

In this 2 session event you will learn:
* To see the path of least resistance in all areas of your life.
* To see your own life experiences from the larger perspective of Triality
* To connect through your own Higher Self.
* To stop judging yourself for polarity decisions in the past and break the habit of two dimensional thinking.
*To develop new habits of vision that include an energetic view not possible before now..
*How to “Trialitize” everything in your life going forward.

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