Predictions, Comments and Questions February 2015- Access Page


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Predictions, Comments & Questions December  2014/

We were originally not going to be here, the 6th cycle of the Earth was coming to an end, BUT we awakened from the dream and decided to stay. We are setting new opportunities. Between now and March 2015 is a very important time. We are basically rebuilding planet earth, ending a 26,000 year cycle in March.
They tell us our monetary system may be under further attacks and how to prepare. They speak to us about a parallel timeline right next to us (say what??) and what the importance of that is.
They also speak to a potential Cold War and new ice age…
Tune in to find out much, much more…. 

Predictions, Comments & Questions November 2014

In this months Predictions, Comments & Questions Elrah tells us we are on a new timeline, where new discoveries are being made.

He speaks about a large increase in volcanic activity and how this is the Earth hitting harmonics to her own vibration. Earthquake activity is also discussed.

Our planet was discovered by another planet. Wait what?? Want to know more? Tune in….

Predictions, Comments & Questions October 2014

The group speaks to future earth happenings and the importance of the timeline between now and March 2015. We are beginning a very significant time of the next technology drop, what bacteria has to teach us, what war games, invasions and power vs fear are showing us and what we can do right now, to chart the course…