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Predictions, Comments & Questions July 2015

In this month’s Predictions installment the group clarifies last month’s major prediction and explains the reason for the outcome. The Keeper of Time comes in to speak about technology now catching up to spirituality and how we are starting to create in front of us instead of behind, action vs reaction. We are beginning to open and create a reality of our own design, right in front of us, both collectively and individually. He speaks of how important it is this next month to learn to laugh again (we’ve been far too serious). His council for the next month (due to increasing pressures) is to Enjoy and Enlighten Up!

He spoke of processes that are very important right now and how our creation process is connecting multidimensionally very quickly and what we can learn from that.

He also spoke about our many systems on earth and how they need to adjust….

Tune in for this and so much more…..

Predictions, Comments & Questions June 2015

The group tells us that the world is now changing at an accelerated rate because we the collective of humanity have set it into motion. It is part of a new energy that it has come about.

In this very special installment, the group makes a rather strong prediction about an upcoming world event. They speak about humanity moving out of fear and polarity and into a collective grounding of the light on planet earth.

They tell us we always have abilities as conscious creators that can affect change, right now.

They say the collective of humanity is re-evaluating their needs as humans and how the upcoming June event “The Economic Reset” will have influential power.