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Predictions, Comments & Questions November 2015/

In this monthly installment of Predictions the Keeper of Time speaks to our history, how the past days have shifted our future and how it has been  done so carefully.

Globally, we could have shifted our realities much in the way of War. In the most recent past days he tells us that we have been extremely close to World War 3 but thanks to the calmness of beings around the globe, holding light and the involved parties (members of government) who hesitated, we did not erupt in war. The KOT tells us it would have been a minimum of 14 years to stop.

Predictions 2016

Predictions 2016 promises to be a profound event. With all that has developed (and is still developing) in 2015, the group will tie it all together and tell us where we are headed for 2016.

In this Annual Signature Event the group is known for it’s accuracy, candidacy and love for humanity. They always tell us what is on track for us and assure us with deep and insightful information. They place the power into our own hands and that of the collective so that we may always know we have the power to change anything we wish to.

Predictions, Comments & Questions September 2015/

In this month’s edition of Predictions, Comments & Questions we learn the trends and view ahead for May 2015. The group tells us that we are on the precipice of great change. We have an opportunity to rebuild a new world. We are starting to see ripples and challenges in the current systems. They ask us to watch the reactions of the collective of voice of humanity, telling us that it is now in charge in new ways that we’ve never seen before.

We are changing much of our energy on planet earth. There is no going back (even though some have tried.)  We’ve stepped all the way through the portal and they tell us our own “Creative God” abilities are enhanced. This is actually the filters that have recently been removed. They say that we can begin living with more of our true power, everyday….