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Predictions, Comments & Questions January 2016/

In this monthly installment of Predictions, Comments & Questions the group opens quite seriously with news of more opportunities for terrorist attacks. They speak of events that were planned that were interceded and failed and another aimed for January.

They speak of “pushbacks of the waves”, what the means and how we can observe the current events taking place in a different understanding.

They also speak of the high vibrational beings and how many are feeling disconnected and why and that there is an upcoming opportunity to “jump up to the next level.” If you are one of these high vibrational beings who has been feeling very displaced on Planet Earth lately, don’t miss this episode.

Predictions 2016

Predictions 2016 promises to be a profound event. With all that has developed (and is still developing) in 2015, the group will tie it all together and tell us where we are headed for 2016.

In this Annual Signature Event the group is known for it’s accuracy, candidacy and love for humanity. They always tell us what is on track for us and assure us with deep and insightful information. They place the power into our own hands and that of the collective so that we may always know we have the power to change anything we wish to.