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3 Days of Healing with the group

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***This series was presented live in 2016, but due to the feedback from you, of the impact it is having, changing lives, we have made it a staple in the store .***

There is currently a tremendous amount of illness on planet Earth in many different forms

Everyone has something they feel is holding them back, blocking them from fully taking their power and living their “best life.”

We each have a very special opportunity during these 3 days together, for a sacred, inner healing with the pure energy from Home.

The group will lead us through 3 Days of Healing.

In this seminar you will be asked to get very clear on what you want to release in any form of illness




You need only give your permission.

We will ask you to open your heart and let the energy from Home heal you in the way you need it the most.

When you allow Spirit to work with you, you don’t give your power away to anyone.

When you open your heart you become the Master of your own healing.

In this seminar you will travel deeply into the healing process through journey activations.


You will receive pure love from Home in new energy frequencies targeting that which you have expressed and all that you didn’t. The group knows who you are and what you are feeling.

If you are not living your full potential, we invite you to let the group speak directly to your cells and DNA.

This will be a very personal, special and unique event channeled live over 3 75-90 minute sessions.

On sale now. Downloads to your computer are included with purchase. Classes are approx 60-75 minutes each.

Access your class by clicking “access your events” on the main menu bar of the Home page, then click the access page link.

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