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5 Essential Tools for Sane Living in an Insane World

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In this 4 day event the group will present us with what they consider to be the most essential tools for humanity at this particular time on Planet Earth.

Together we will explore:

  1. Deepening our own Spiritual Connection (everyone IS a channel)

  2. Creating & establishing a Pattern of Re-evaluation in our lives (where is your energy going and why?)

  3. Increasing the Flow of Abundance to a level of your comfort (and we will re-evaluate your comfort level)

  4. Remembering Who you Are (and reactivate your purpose and re-evaluate your plan.

  5. Empathic Training (learning how to harness the exponentially growing vagus nerve)

These will all be deeply and personally investigated over our 4 sessions intensive.

Classes will be mostly in channel and accompanied by powerful Journey Activations.

On sale now. Downloads to your computer are included with purchase. Classes run approximately 60-75 minutes each.

Access your class by clicking “access your events” on the main menu bar of the Home page, then click the access page link.

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