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Addictions and Compulsive Behavior- Liberating Yourself, Clients & Loved Ones

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In this  very unique event we will delve into and investigate  a subject currently rampant within our society.

The group wants to talk about addictions & compulsive behavior from their perspective and explain what they mean and why current research indicates that every 1 in 7 people exhibit addictive, compulsive behaviors.

Steve will share his personal story of his own addictions and the traps of “switching addictions.”

The list of addictions is no longer just the typical ones discussed in mainstream such as alcohol, tobacco, food, sex and drugs but with our evolution  many of us are even addicted to our technology.

It has become difficult for most people to go on vacation without taking their mobile devices with them.

We are living in a world that is plugged in 24/7 and it is affecting our health, balance and well being.

The group wishes to teach what the true meanings of addictions and compulsive behaviors are and provide information, channels and activations designed to shift our awareness, so that we may literally shift our limiting addictions into powerful channels of creation.

In this series you will learn:

  • how to identify your addictive patterns
  • to maintain healthy balance
  • the difference between drive, focus & addiction
  • to turn your addictions into channeled creativity
  • your strong creative indicators and what they mean
  • how to facilitate your clients through this process
  • to recognize the beauty and meaning in each addiction when rotated into a positive experience
  • to shift  limiting addictive behaviors into  powerful channels

 If you ever experience self doubt about your ability to let go of your limiting beliefs about yourself, your body, your financial situation, and find yourself repeating the same defeating thought patterns over and over abound them, this is a compulsive behavior. Many of us are addicted to the belief of unworthiness. This series is going to change that within you.

Learn to turn a compulsive negative behavior into a positive wellspring of creativity and joy.

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