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Ambassadors of Light: A Global Light Grid Project

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In today’s world we see things happening everyday that we thought would never happen in our lifetimes.  Life has shifted into hyperdrive and many feel like they are just hanging on. This rapid evolution of humanity has activated an agreement made long ago. As spirits we saw this coming and set a safeguard in place.

An agreement was made where many souls would be returning home while a number would remain in human density and carry a new frequency of light to guide humanity through its shift in consciousness, or “the awakening” on the new earth.

We are currently witnessing this shift play out.

This very unique series is dedicated to those who agreed to remain on the earth and serve humanity.

This special group of humans dedicated to this “Light Work” will begin to remember their agreement of why they are here and set forth to anchor a new Light Grid between each other and the planets all across the globe.

Each Lightworker will receive a unique frequency of Light, or Light Code which will be activated by the group to assist them with their future work. Lighthouses shine a light to guide mariners. Once the grid is activated you will then be a beacon of light in that grid to guide humanity as it moves through these times of rapid change. We will ask you to take the role of Ambassador of Light on many levels and initiate your new levels of Lightwork.  Then we will activate the grid connecting you to each other globally.

  • During the event you will be given instructions on:
  • the art of Light Ambassadorship
  • how to represent the highest form of Light in all situations.
  • how to remove judgment from communication.
  • how to be the Beacon of Light for humanity and let it feed you rather than drain you.
  • how to hold the new grid of light without trying to influence or control it.

You will receive information to better understand why you live in the exact co-ordinates that you do on the planet, why you do not feel you “fit in” among others and what carrying a different frequency of Light means.

You will receive a personal Light Code that will also serve as a booster of energy to amp up your personal energies and help you move forward to counter-balance the current chaotic and turbulent energies swirling on earth in these times of change.

At the end of the second day we will ignite the grid in a special Journey Activation and open it for for the first energetic connections.

Due to the nature and importance of the material, we will also offer a third day to answer any comments or questions from you in live channel.  This is your chance to ask questions about your work to the group. Answers will be limited to 2 minutes…ha  

This event is for the few that wish to initiate your personal service and Lightwork to also include a new form of energetic work within a community of peers dedicated to serving Spirit to guide humanity as it awakens even further from the dream.

We ask that you check your own guidance and be sure you are committed before registering. Consider this to be a sacred contract emerging for activation.

There will be a private Facebook group created for us to communicate within and a dedicated Q & A class with the group in live channel.

At the end of the event a special Logo will be presented if you wish to use it to identify you as an Ambassador of Light on Facebook or a web site.

On sale now. Downloads to your computer are included with purchase. Classes are approx 60-75 minutes each.

Access your class by clicking “access your events” on the main menu bar of the Home page, then click the access page link.

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