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Amor Stories- Episode 1- Amor takes the Walk into Life


Welcome to the story of Amor. This story takes place in the land of “Mu” commonly known as “Lemuria” in a time long forgotten. It tells the story of a young boy as he grows into manhood, in the empowered society of Mu, with all the customs, trials and wisdom of these advanced and simple peoples of this great land.

The story takes us through Amor’s life and his later contracts, in the land called “Atlantis.”

Narrated in channel by The Keeper of Time, this timeless message is needed on Earth now. It is offered in love to help us all re-member.

Each episode of the Amor series is designed to awaken your consciousness and remind you how to create an Empowered Society on Earth, again.

No further discounts apply. Includes the download (from the access page) of episode 1 AND unlimited viewing on our website.

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