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Amor Stories- Episode 10- The Transition of Etu and the rebirth of Espavo


Amor is about to turn 15 years old. Young adulthood in Lemuria was much further advanced than our current society knows it to be. Amor’s last contract with Etu is shared.

The community begins to see Amor as a powerful member, with important work to do.

Etu teaches Amor the ancient languages of Lemuria and learns about the “language of the Heart” called “Deep Contact.”

He becomes part of Etu’s family and Etu and Amor’s father Emil become close friends with a shared bond of being the wise elders who council Amor.

Amor begins to travel the land and teach about Transitions.

Amor learns of “the 3’s” and multidimensionality.No further discounts apply. Includes the download (from the access page) of episode 10 AND unlimited viewing on our website.

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