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Amor Stories- Episode 3- Amor learns of Forgiveness


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In this episode we experience more of what it is to live in an enlightened society, in a world filled with beauty.

As Amor continues his walk of life his circumstances are changing rapidly.

He is learning responsibility “for that which you create.”

Amor asks Amiel for a day off and it comes with a word of caution, that Amor’s vibration may be noticeably different now while he is on his 3 day sojourn to reunite with his friends. He soon realizes that he is evolving.

He learns one of the greatest traditions of Mu, Forgiveness. Giving yourself a gift in the future as you walk down the timeline. Amor learns of resentment and judgment and the burden they are to carry, and he learns how to release them by his own choosing.

We can all use a reminder of responsibility for our creations and forgiveness of ourselves and others along the way.

Each episode of the Amor series is designed to awaken your consciousness and remind you how to create an Empowered Society on Earth, again.

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