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Amor Stories- Episode 9- Amor takes his Walk into Life


In this episode Amor stands among his friends and begins to consciously notice their evolution. He is asked by Seru “where he is along his path?” Amor reveals that he has only one contract remaining, that of “Transitions” before he is ready to take his “Walk into Life.”

Amor attends a concert with all his friends, given by Em, it is described as listening to music from Home.

He begins to see all of his contracts with his brothers and sisters and realizes that these contracts are so filled with love that he is not the same boy anymore.

Now he is ready…..

Amor has a deep conversation with his father and asks for help with his final contract.

Amor learns of “the 3’s” and multidimensionality.No further discounts apply. Includes the download (from the access page) of episode 9 AND unlimited viewing on our website.

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