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Archangels to Human Angels: The Revelation


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In the third dimension our experiences with the angelic realm were limited to occasional sightings, miraculous healings and extraordinary interventions.  Now that we have reached the fifth dimension the angels are coming forth to teach, enlighten, inspire and transform.  Their presence is being seen, heard and felt in order to help us evolve our vibrational frequencies to the level of the human angel.

What exactly are these wonderful light beings we call angels? What do they most want us to know right now and how can we establish a personal connection with them?  What does it mean to become a human angel?

Archangels To Human Angels – a  series presented by Steve, Barbara, and the Group and special guests, all of whom have had extensive experience of working with the angels, archangels and ascended masters.  Join us and discover:

  •      Who and what they are– really?
  •      Why they interact with us and how you can connect with them.
  •      at their individual and group roles are The difference between angels archangels, Lords of Light and the 12 Angels of Atlantis.
  •      Where they feel the human race is headed and what they most want us to know right now.
  • How they can help us in our evolution to human angels

The Group as channeled by Steve Rother will speak about the evolution of angels and the story of the human angel. They will also discuss communication between humans and angels, and how to listen to and interpret angelic communication.

Hosted by Steve and Barbara Rother and Sandie Sedgbeer with special guests Joan Walker, Stewart Pearce and Sonja Grace.


Sound healer, Angel medium, and seer, Stewart Pearce is the author of “Angels and the Keys to Paradise,” The Angels of Atlantis” book & Oracle cards, and “The Angelic Heart Sigils Oracle,” as well several award-winning recordings, including “Angels of Atlantis Soul Calls.”www.thealchemyofvoice.com


Joan Walker is a spiritual teacher and gifted channel who has spent the last 20 years talking to and providing a clear voice for many great beings of Light, including Mother Mary who has been imparting messages to humanity through Joan since 2011 to guide humanity’s shift in consciousness and expand our awareness of the true nature of love.  . www.joanandjohnwalker.com


Mystic healer and energy surgeon, Sonja Grace is the author of the books “Become and Earth Angel: Advice and Wisdom for Finding your Wings and Living in Service,”  “Angels in the 21st Century,” ‘Earth Ways Healing Medicine for the Soul,” and the companion film presentations, the Earth Ways and Earth Angel Series.  www.sonjagrace.com

This event is presented in two parts

Part 1: 1h24min

Part 2: 54 minutes

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