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Control Over the Masses *


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We all know that there are people who would like to influence the elections

What the group wants to bring to our attention right now is how one of the greatest controlling mechanisms ever introduced will soon be unleashed upon the American people to influence the current election. We look at Turkey and see the president of Turkey taking over the newspapers and TV media for his own use and think how terrible that is, yet what we are about to see in the United States goes far beyond those feeble attempts to control the masses.

What you are about to see is the artistry of manipulation and the group wants you to know it’s coming.

This is not about conspiracy theories or scare tactics.  This is information the group wants everyone to know about, no matter what part of the globe you live in.  If enough people hold the awareness of what is taking place, we may be able to stop them, or at least minimize the effect.

We have already been working on this issue in the Lightmaster course but it is time to talk openly about this to be prepared. We will go deeply into detail about the potentials, as it is the group’s intention to inform us with the wisdom and overview that they see, so that we may position ourselves accordingly and be of service throughout the process.

This also includes and affects the global economic and political climates. 

Yes, they will name names and places to watch.


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