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Discovering Your Path of Least Resistance

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What would your life be like if you could resolve problems, overcome obstacles and achieve your goals with the least amount of resistance possible?

The group tells us that resistance on earth is a good thing, that without it we would not have the opportunities to work out our evolution as spirits. Over many years each of us have conditioned ourselves to meet life’s resistances, making turns here and  there, adjustments and avoidance. Over time as a natural course of experiencing resistance, we develop patterns for how we react.  And as typical humans, we default to using that same path over and over again, without considering whether there is a better way.

This first time event from the Personal Empowerment Series is the perfect way to prepare for the New Year.  It was intentionally placed in the final days of 2015 to help position you for what is ahead in 2016. In this live, channeled, event the group will take us on an examination of the path you have chosen through their eyes without judgment.   Over the two events, they will lead you to experience what your life would be like if you were able to overcome obstacles by following the path of least resistance for each unique obstacle, rather than defaulting to your habitual pattern.  Once that approach of following the path of least resistance is imprinted, it will begin to manifest itself in your life in various ways.

Although humans are on the planet of free choice, most are living a day to day experience that is somewhat predetermined.  It is often routine, dedication and perceptions of necessity that determine  your path.  We will also be examining the motivations that have helped you to shape your path the way it is.  There are no right or wrong paths.  There are simply those we choose consciously and those who do not.  This event is designed to help you see the difference.

With two activation Journey’s each class is   60-75 min in length.  Are you ready  to go deep inside yourself  on an energetic journey of self discovery?

On sale now. Downloads to your computer are included with purchase. Classes are approx 60-75 minutes each.

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