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Elrah’s Recordings Album 1~3 Value Pack


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Elrah’s Musical Recordings Value Pack.  Albums 1-3

Elrah’s Loose- Music Activation Series- Album #1

This is channeled music from Elrah of Rhythmic Service through Steve Rother on the piano. Shortly after Steve began channeling Elrah as a singular entity in his work with the group  he and his wife Barbara bought a piano for Barbara.  It was Barbara’s childhood dream to learn to play.  Elrah must have helped organize some of that as I found that even though I had grown up with two pianos in my house and even though I never had an interest in learning I found that I could suddenly play the piano.  In the beginning I could clearly hear what he wanted and all I had to do was find it on the keyboard. I still had to build new muscles and learn to not run out of fingers but the better I got the more complex the music got. Within in all of his music is a variety of rhythms. We use many of these recordings in the journey Activations that we offer in the Evolution Center and through the LightMaster series.

In this album  you will find the first compilation of music that Elrah asked me to record. I was given one song, or even just part of a song, at a time.  Once I got that down he would give me the next movement. Then I had to record each as they were being given to me.  I would not get anything new until I recorded the last one. All are in three time which is true of all of his songs.  Elrah says the Universe is actually a base three but since we live in duality we see everything in two’s. Many of these earlier pieces were dedicated to people close to me and therefore, important to him. I was aware that even in the beginning that Elrah was being very patient with me as in his words I “re-membered” the piano.  The recording of this music happened over a nine month process and when it began  I had been playing the piano for about 10 months.

Each song comes with a specific purpose, intention and activation. In this album some specific activations are


New Relationships


Soul Confidence


and Patience



Elrah’s 2nd Album- I thought YOU were watching him!- Music Activation Series

This is the  second album recorded directly after the first. In fact , Elrah  just wanted to start a new folder of recordings on my computer and the next album was born. This contains a deeper level of rhythms and tunes. It may have to do with my eventual improvement channeling him on the piano.

These recordings are used in the Journey activations that we present in video as part of our seminars and also in the LightMaster Series.

Each song has a specific purpose, intention and activation.

Some included in this album are

Relax, Re-juvenate, Re-balance

Reduce Polarity, Widen Perspective

Unveiling Beauty, Remembering Home

Ignite the child within, remember your origin

Increase communication with animals and nature



3)  Elrah’s 3rd Album- The Pride of Light- Music Activation Series

Unlike the other albums this one came in at one time.  The songs in this album were recorded when they were channeled for the first time.  Elrah wanted to activate using melodies that repeat through several songs. It was recorded over three sessions approximately 2 hours total recording time.

We use these songs in our Video Journey Activations used is seminars and the LightMaster Series.

Each song has a specific purpose, intention and activation.

Some included in this album are:

3Am Club- creativity, return to sleep, awaken refreshed

Releasing Loss

Reset and Recalibration

Connection with the Elementals

Activate Magic

Open Heart



Remembering Purpose



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