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Intersecting Future Time

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A new training created out of the LightMaster year-long intensive series where students learn a step by step process of creating a “future hologram” that holds something they want to happen- and then walk into it. This is part of the Merlin Template Teaching  Sessions where students were taught how to consciously create their future in a very practical way.

The secret is in the understanding of the tools, how to apply them and the discipline of the practice. In order to shift out of the noise currently swirling around the earth, you will be guided to learn how to go inward and project yourself forward upon your own timeline, and create  an “intersection”, clearly recognizable when you arrive, with the hologram you created and a seed to remind us we created it from the present moment.

We will learn about circular time and use it within our creation process. We will also learn how to jump timelines and intersect with our other dimensional selves. We have taught part of time jumping in the past, but as we are again raising our vibrations, (see Vibrational Upgrade seminar)  we are now able to understand the mechanics of this and practice it with much more success.

On sale now. Downloads to your computer are included with purchase. Classes are approx 60-75 minutes each.

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