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Multidimensional Field Harmonics – Sale


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What would it be like to experience living the “best version” of your day every day because you consciously used a tool each morning to make it so?

This is what the group says we can achieve when we are able to harmonize our energy fields across all dimensions of time and space, and with all of our eleven dimensional selves.  They call this this “Multidimensional Field Harmonics.”

What does this mean, you might ask?

First, “Multidimensional” meaning across all dimensions of time and space; “Field”, meaning within the Unified Field of Energy; “Harmonics”, meaning harmony in terms of both internal and external.  Put it all together and you have the ability to create your own personal harmonic with the Universe.

Accessing your own harmonic will take you deeper than meditation, reach higher than meditation into the Unified Field, reaching into all aspects of yourself across all dimensions AND this experience strengthens the higher self of the individual to the Oneness of consciousness, every time you use it.

It alters how we pull things to us not only in the Universe but in other dimensions as well.

This exclusive series is going to activate you and lead you through specific instructional techniques to access and stay within the Path of Least Resistance.

What does that mean?

It means you will live in your “sweet spot” more than ever before.

Join Steve, Barbara and the group for this one of a kind exclusive event…..

This and much more will be presented over 5 days. The first day is free of charge and open to everyone.

Each session is presented online in the Evolution Center and is between 60-75 minutes in length. Downloads are available with your purchase and are located on the online viewing “access” page.

This series is currently priced at a 75% discount to its original price. No further discounts apply.

Paths2Empowerment.com will be closing December 31, 2019. Your viewing access will expire at that time.


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