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Nurturing the Empath

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Are you feeling the world’s pain right now? Are you flooded with feelings of irritation, anger, sadness, panic and dread? Do you find it difficult to distinguish between your energy and the energy of others?

These are symptoms that many Empaths (Highly Sensitive Persons & Intuitives) are experiencing in these turbulent times. These intuitive, sensitive beings came with special gifts, such as the ability to scan a person’s energy and pick up on physical, emotional or psychological issues affecting them. They also sense energy frequencies at home, work, community and global levels, and have the potential to help the world shift away from fear to Love.

But the gift of an Empath can be a double-edged sword. Without the right tools to establish and enforce energetic boundaries, they can unconsciously take on the moods, feelings and conditions of others and be influenced by their wishes and desires.

The group sees Empaths as very special souls who have a critical mission at this particular time. They also recognize that most of you would prefer to do your work without having to suffer on an “emotional rollercoaster”. It was never meant for the Empaths to suffer. They were meant to energetically influence the collective, to come and feel EVERYTHING and help the collective transition into higher consciousness.

The group wants to Nurture you and recharge you with healing from Home specifically customized for the Empathic Human on Earth. They want to reconnect some of your circuitry, so that you can draw energy and light to yourself and harmonize with Home and realign with your soul contracts (what you agreed to learn, carry and share while human).

During this three day seminar you will:

  • Learn what it means to be an Empath, what is the work of an Empath, how to know if you are one, and understand that you are wired differently.

  • Receive an emotional re-tuning to help you remember your original intent as an Empath.

  • Be given the tools to set up and use your energetic boundaries so that you can serve without fear of taking on the energies of others.

  • Have your physical bodies energized and your Light revitalized

  • Be assisted in reaching the inner balance that is required before you can use your special gifts to be of the highest level of service as an Empath

The world will continue to intensify and the Empaths have an important role in assisting the whole of humanity. It is important work we will do in this seminar, and it can have a much larger effect on the collective than we realize, but it is designed to be of service to the Empaths first. They are energetically on the front lines so to speak. This seminar is an energetic shift in direction from the current path the Empaths have been on for centuries.

It is a 90 degree turn if you choose it….

On sale now. Downloads to your computer are included with purchase. Classes are approx 60-75 minutes each.

Access your class by clicking “access your events” on the main menu bar of the Home page, then click the access page link.

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